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DON'T brush your teeth! The press is really getting the word out that drinking soda is bad for teeth enamel. In fact, if you are going to drink soda, you are urged to drink it through a straw. Furthermore, Dr. David Bartle ...
Sep 30 2007 1:42pm
Top 5 Ways to Not Offend Your Non-Veggie Host Just because you're a veggie doesn't mean you have to ruin the dinner party for everyone else. Here are some sure-fire lies to prevent you from putting your foot (or some animal's) in your mouth. 1. " ...
Jul 06 2007 3:10pm
I just tell people the truth. "That smells so awesome, but I'm a vegetarian." then I go on ... more
Jul 12 2007 2:35pm
I did it to myself! Oprah's trainer, Bob Greene, told her long ago not to drink any alcohol at lunch, if want to have any exercise willpower at all. Oprah used to poo-poo that advice, thinking, "What's the harm in a glas ...
Jul 19 2007 4:53pm
Screening for Oral Cancers During a recent trip to the dentist, I learned that screening for oral cancers is being offered there. For a reasonable price your mouth can be checked for signs that you may be at risk. Has anyo ...
May 13 2008 1:40pm
No Eating After 8 pm, Paired with Better Dental Hygiene I was recently looking at old photographs of myself from 4 to 5 years ago, when I was about 23 or so. While I've never had a serious weight problem (aside from the freshman 15), I noticed that in the ...
Aug 11 2008 2:21pm
Yeah, Kristen, I tend to disagree with that also. I found that eating later in the evening ... more
Aug 18 2008 8:58am
Can you force someone to get help? I just found out recently my younger sister is suffering from bulimia. I caught her purging after dinner. She claims she has been doing for months. Now she is refusing to get help. She is only 16. How ...
Jan 21 2009 3:47pm
... ntion. Like drugs, alcohol, and going to the dentist (I kid you not), they always wait unt ... more
Jan 27 2009 5:52am
Whiter Teeth Teeth whitening is a procedure that lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can significantly improve h ...
May 26 2009 11:33am
Giving Up Soda The Saga of Me and my Diet Coke Posted Aug 12 09 10:35pm  Having read in several different MS publications that aspertame is not a good thing for people with CNS problems suc ...
Aug 18 2009 10:21am
I've never read about the negative aspects of Aspertame on MS (great, something ELSE to wo ... more
Oct 19 2010 11:04am
quinsy question! Hello, I am writing this discussion in children's health because that is where I see this topic brought up the most. I believe I have quinsy. I am 30 years old and have had a tonsilectomy about 6 ...
Oct 19 2009 9:38pm
Numbness ONLY on left top of skull without any pain I am going to see my endrocrinogist later this week but I want to know if anyone has experienced the tingiling and numbness only on the left top portion of there skull.  If feels like what the denti ...
May 25 2010 9:07am
I don't know if this is similar but I had severe spasms that started at the base of my s ... more
Aug 01 2014 4:37pm