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Allstate Insurance Disability Problems Greetings All, I have a serious problem with Allstate Insurance. I am a divorced male and part of my divorce agreement states that I have to have a disability policy in case I get hurt so as to be abl ...
Jan 25 2009 5:01am
It is a pity that you have so harsh time to get a policy to fulfill that kind of agreement ... more
Jun 14 2011 6:05pm
Get on your bike With the summer finally here, you may be thinking about new ways for you to enjoy the outdoors. You might be looking to find new ways to exercise, or want a way to spend ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Yoga Certification Options Does anyone know what options there are for getting certified as a yoga instructor? And what the differences are? And what the price ranges are? I don't want to teach, but my teacher is so wonderfu ...
Sep 07 2007 6:32am
Yes, I'm just looking to study. However, I really list to check things off lists! I will ... more
Jan 21 2008 7:09pm
Local, Local, Local A friend of mine who watches her diet like a vegan hawk told me about Natural Food Work's and Farmer's Kitchen in Davis, CA (between the Bay Area and Reno or Tahoe -- depends where you are going). ...
Sep 04 2007 1:50pm
Local Farmers Markets If you want to start eating organic, I suggest you check out your local farmers market. I admit it is a little more expensive, but you are supporting local farmers. I make a day out of it. I take a ...
Jun 30 2007 11:14am
Eat Local Support sustainably-produced food for maximum benefit to your health, the environment, and the regional economy. Finding food that is grown in your "foodshed" isn't always convenient or cheap, but the ...
Jul 09 2007 1:10pm
Get Fit with Your Local Library Okay, as far as I know libraries have not started offering Pilates classes. But, in case it's been a few years since you visited one, they do allow you to check out exercise videos. If you are in th ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
If you have Dish and DVR, then check out the excercise channel and TiVo it. Then you can h ... more
Oct 29 2008 2:32pm
eat local The best way to help yourself and the environment is to buy all of your food, especially the fruit and vegetables from a local source. This means that you will get higher quality food that hasn't bee ...
Aug 21 2007 2:32pm
Eating locally is a great way to help yourself and t ... more
Sep 20 2007 12:18am
Local Food Deliveries Are you too busy to shop at the farmers market? Then why not get the food to come to you? Many farms are now offering weekly or biweekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some even sell eggs ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sculling on our beautiful local waterways IF you want to try your hand at rowing, but can't commit to being on a team -- try sculling! It's rowing with two oars and you can be in your own boat. I row at Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC) in ...
Oct 23 2007 1:21pm