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3 reasons to prefer raw fruits over packaged juices. It is said that the best way to consume fruits is to eat them raw. Here is why. Many packaged juices contain added sugar, which means more calories. You can avoid this if you just have the ...
Sep 24 2007 7:15am
I Scream for Fruit Sorbets Yap…Ice cream is the ultimate calorie booster I know, and especially these great Italian ones! But I’m with you Susie in my quest to control calorie-in count. So I resort to super-low calorie FRUIT ...
Oct 20 2007 11:51pm
Breakfast Tips... - Add raisins, berries, and other fresh or dried fruits to your cereal. - Here's a great way to get some of your 5 A Day. Buy low-fat yogurt, fruit juice, and fresh, canned, or frozen fruit to blend a ...
Jun 04 2007 5:33pm
Some people, like myself, hate traditional "breakfast" stuff. Here is something good: make ... more
Jan 12 2008 4:15pm
10 Nutrition Tips Make your own healthy guacamole by combining an avocado with cut up tomatoes, onions and chilies to taste. Eat it with baked tortilla chips or cut up oven-baked pieces of pita bread. Remember that ...
Aug 13 2007 8:49am
Very practical and healthy...anyone can use these tips to make their food more delicious a ... more
Nov 27 2007 6:41am
Eating Healthy Article What IS a Healthy Diet by: Chris Chenoweth There is so much information about what is healthy and nutritious these days that it is very difficult to sort out the hype from the truth. Following a ...
Feb 02 2007 5:58am
Juicin' It For those of you keeping track of my junk food induced skin rash, hereinafter known as “Skin disaster, 2007”, I have also started drinking lots of healthy juices. In Baltimore, there is a place cal ...
Nov 08 2007 10:37am
Have You Had Your Apple Today? The old saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", and this most certainly does ring true in reality. Nutritionists and doctors alike would be practically put out of business if people would ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... , but yet most people still don't eat enough fruits and veggies. I know I don't get enoug ... more
Oct 04 2007 2:58pm
You Are Also What You Drink What worries you most? Decaying teeth, thinning bones, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, cancer, obesity? Whatever tops your list, you may be surprised to know that all of these health proble ...
Mar 29 2007 11:15am
Training Diet While training (for any activity) it is important to fulfill your nutrition requirements. If you are training for a rowing competition, a good diet will consist of adequate calories, about 60% carboh ...
Jun 15 2007 6:01pm
This sounds like it'd be great for marathon training as well! I want to train for one but ... more
Aug 28 2007 6:35pm
Diet Soda Just as Bad as the Real Thing Diet pop is linked to the same health problems as regular pop, according to a new study. Researchers from Boston University studied data from more than 6,000 middle-aged adults participating in the ...
Aug 04 2007 8:26pm