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Boost Metabolism with Diet, Nutrition If it's one thing many of us, especially women, long for, it's a high-burning metabolism. Metabolism means the total of all body process that burn calories, which includes your basal metabolic rate ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
5 ways to increase metabolism Better metabolism means your body is tuned to burn more calories. Here are some easy ways to increase your metabolism. Do not skip breakfast. If you don't have breakfast, your body receives a si ...
Jul 14 2007 3:43am
Find Your UltraMetabolism Interested in learning how to heat up your inner furnace? Check out Mark Hyman’s book UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss, which explores “nutrigenomics” (the science of how f ...
Sep 14 2007 5:06pm
Blood test helps predict metabolic syndrome: study CHICAGO (Reuters) - A new blood test found that people with high levels of a type of damaged cholesterol were much more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, putting them at higher risk of heart dis ...
May 21 2008 11:50am
Exercise to Increase Metabolism & Burn Calories Our body burns calories 24 hours a day, whether we art sleeping or exercising. The only difference is that when we are sleeping, out body is relatively inactive, so it burns less calories as compare ...
Jul 15 2007 3:53am
It's estimated that a pound of muscle burns three times the calories as a pound of fat. more
Jul 21 2008 12:54pm
Speed your metabolism Did you know that muscle burns more calories than fat? All the more reason to build those muscles in addition to your regular cardio work out!
Jul 25 2007 10:18am
Boost your metabolism by walking I was so excited to see this video, and even more excited to try what they suggest. I did, and it was a great workout. The idea behind what you'll see when you click on the post title above is wa ...
Aug 17 2008 3:56pm
Thanks,I will try the interval walking on my next walk <3 Thanks more
Jun 23 2010 4:02am
Need a Quick Breakfast Fix? Try Some Kefir! If you're looking for a quick breakfast alternative to either dry or warm cereals, why not try kefir? The fermented milk improves lactose digestion and also aids in your metabolic processes througho ...
Aug 14 2007 11:56am
Research: Older men get boost in hormones through strength traini Strength training boosts testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol, concludes a new study. "These hormonal responses may create an optimal environment for the metabolic process leading to improved mus ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Take a Break, Lose More Fat Having a break in the middle of your workout may actually help you burn more fat than exercising without stopping. A new study in the “Journal of Applied Physiology” (aptly named, “Enhance ...
Jul 25 2007 5:23pm
I was surprised to read this at first because I've also heard and believed that the longer ... more
Jul 26 2007 3:01pm