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Bottled water- just wasteful! The bottled water industry uses too much plastic and weakens consumer confidence in the safety and cleanliness of public water supplies. As a response, Mayor Gavin Newsom banned city-funded purchase ...
Jul 31 2007 3:42pm
On the other hand, I changed to bottled water. I hated openning my refillabl ... more
Jan 19 2008 5:25pm
Skip the Bottled Water I remember when bottled water was new and a big, who on earth would want to pay for water when you can just get it from the tap? Yet now bottled water has become so "de rigeur" that we h ...
Oct 21 2007 5:24pm
Learn the truth about bottled water quality at www.bottledwaterblue ... more
Feb 06 2008 3:20pm
Arrowhead Sports Bottle -- Recall In the Making Have you noticed that the new Arrowhead sports bottle has a tiny little blue tab that comes off for the cap to flip up? How dangerous is that for little babies? I know other sports bottles have p ...
Oct 23 2007 8:14pm
... I wouldn't let my baby anywhere near a water bottle with a small part that comes off. Ther ... more
Oct 24 2007 7:07am
ph Levels in Bottled Water Disclaimer:  Please read.  This is an article put out by a company I like.  I do not claim to be a doctor or physician and, as far as I know, neither do they.  Please do your own research on this su ...
Mar 21 2008 12:38pm
... tesian water, imported and all that, $3.00 a bottle, which we bought just because it was a ... more
Mar 07 2013 12:35am
Bottled Water Does Potentially Have Risks Especially related to Breast Cancer Before you go buying and drinking that next bottle of water here is some more insightfull research to make you consider your decisions wisely. The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit watchdog g ...
TC Patient Expert
Jun 02 2009 6:59pm
is it a possibility that the water they sell on the streets in nyc is causing kidney decea ... more
Jan 07 2010 1:11am
Eco Depot(TM) to Become Exclusive Distributor of the WaterGeeks(TM) Brand of Filtered Water Bottles | Booksie Source:   jakarta capital, crown ...
Apr 27 2013 5:15am
The diet pill: Mega advertising blitz offers hope in a bottle to Prepare for an advertising blitz to beat all blitzes. Seven advertising agencies, funded through a one-year, startup campaign estimated at more than $150 million, will try to persuade dieters to take ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Mother's Wisdom- The Nose Knows   Do you remember how good it felt, having your mother take care of you when you were sick? She’d let you stay home from school, and make you drink lots of juice, soup, and tea.   A ...
Apr 19 2009 10:28am
Stay Away from BPA! Best to Swig with SIGG In early August, scientists issued a report warning that an estrogen-like compound in plastic is likely to be causing an array of serious reproductive disorders in people. The compound, bisphenol A ...
Aug 12 2007 9:56am
Drink That Tea! Tea has been proven to have loads of health benefits. There are claims of weight loss, anti-oxidants, digestive properties and more. These days, you can find once rare varieties being mass-produced by ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am