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The life force linking Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki. I try to do yoga as often as I can and I found out something really interesting. A long-time instructor explained how Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki are so deeply interlinked. He said that the ‘Chi’ ...
Aug 20 2007 10:59pm
New to this need support Hi I am very new to this I found out 6 days ago that I have severe candida associated with a number of horrible symptoms this new eating life style is so not my thing I am only alloted meat, fish and ...
Dec 22 2009 8:35pm
I feel for you. I'm 28 too, diagnosed with Crohns in July 2009, and have 2 young kids as w ... more
Jan 07 2011 2:03am
Nutrition and Bone Health Forming and maintaining strong, healthy bones is critical to an active life style. Bones support the body, protect internal organs, and allow an amazing range of movement from sitting, standing, and w ...
Mar 06 2007 10:35am
Living with and managing bipolar We don't have the answers or cures but we having developed the disorder almost 20 years ago we have managed a recovery - able to live well in the presence or absence of symptoms.  Following 6 hospit ...
May 05 2010 12:51pm
help quit smoking any feed back: Iam thinking of going to Alpha life style center of birmingham to quit smoking. anyone been there? GOOD or BAD Idea?
Jul 19 2008 9:43am
You can help prevent smoking by starting a good motivational activity just like joining ... more
Sep 22 2009 1:13am
NO NO TO SODAS I have recently become very interesting in having a healthier body and learn about the prevention of disease.  I have been a moderate drinker of diet pepsi or diet coke.  Using the diet drinks think ...
Nov 03 2008 4:56pm
Celebrities design lingerie for breast cancer charity's auction An interesting way to raise awareness and money to fight Breast caner, what do you think? Brought by Recovery S ...
Feb 06 2011 12:14pm
Gwen Stefani, to InStyle "Everyone's in such a rush to show they're sexy. Anyone can be sexy. We all have the same body parts. It's pretty boring. Life's not so short that you need to give it all away in five seconds." ...
Aug 30 2007 12:41pm
... s of celebs or other women/men. She's right--life would be so boring if everyone were the ... more
Nov 14 2007 8:10am
Southern-style eating well In the book, GRITS Friends are Forevah, it suggests that when you are going through a dramatic life change, you and a friend should work together to keep body and mind healthy. You can shop together ...
Sep 21 2007 7:23pm
Mediterranean-style food approach better than drugs for diabetes Here's another interesting study focusing on the positive impact that a healthy eating-style may have on diabetes. According to new research led by scientists at the University of Otago, in New ...
Jul 22 2010 2:33am
This is really interesting study! I can imagine how it can help someone in my situation. ... more
Aug 05 2012 6:50am