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Boot Camp that helps improve your quality of life As someone with a back injury, the words "boot camp" are the last I want to hear, especially when it comes to options for helping me deal with the pain. But according to a article (click ...
May 12 2008 7:24pm
Flavor, Flavor, Flavor! All my life, I have been much more the quality over quantity type. One good pair of earrings over a bunch of crappy ones. So, I have been intrigued by the new diet books, that suggest eating like the ...
Jul 07 2007 11:31pm
I think eating like this (really high quality foods) is a great choice because high ... more
Jul 23 2007 10:42am
Human babesiosis?an unrecorded reality Absence of formal registry undermines its detection, diagnosis and treatment, suggesting need for immediate mandatory reporting Virginia ...
Jul 09 2008 6:06pm
Commit to organic eating when the family comes to town! Summer is coming to a close and stores everywhere are already showing signs of the holidays. As you plan your family get togethers and trips for the fall and winter months, consider opting for organ ...
Sep 05 2007 11:10am
Also, I would make some of the family's favorite recipes with organic ingredients. Then, t ... more
Mar 25 2008 6:40pm
Just Rewards JUST REWARDS? Imagine your daughter arrives home from a rough day at school. You give her a hug and ask “Did you have a bad day honey?” and say, “How about a cigarette to make you feel better? ...
Nov 23 2007 3:18pm
I really like this entry. I need reminders myself sometimes that a cookie is not a reward ... more
Dec 03 2007 10:56am
5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life We really can effect how long we live, and to think all it takes is adding some nutrients to your diet, and some enjoyment towards the little things. You can live 22 years longer or more with these ...
Jul 18 2008 4:17pm
Look Out For Your Outlook! (1/2) Did you know that by choosing your outlook on life you can reduce your risk for problems such as: depression, poor communication, loneliness, aggression, hopelessness, getting stuck in the role of vic ...
Jun 03 2007 2:24pm
New National Recreation Trails Named This summer, 24 trails in 16 states were named National Recreation Trails by the Secretary of the Interior. National Recreation Trails are part of the National Trails System that connect people t ...
Jul 18 2008 6:38pm
cool, thanks Kristen! more
Jul 18 2008 6:42pm
Kidney Function My father passed away many years ago from Kidney Failure.   Watching him go through dialysis twice a week was very difficult for my mother and I. In the end, his quality of life was affected with ...
Oct 05 2011 5:51pm
The Video has been REMOVED??? more
Jul 05 2012 3:09pm
Ways to Save Money Ever since I got married last year and ever since the cost of living in my city has skyrocketed while salaries have remained pretty stationary, I've started to think of ways to save money without ne ...
Sep 02 2008 9:02am
well i totally agree to nirmala coz i also face the same problem though im single but then ... more
May 05 2010 3:07am