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Letting Your Toddler Walk In A Store - General Discussions

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Start walking to train for a long fund-raiser walking event I am looking to find out the best training methods to be able to walk in a 30+ mile two-day fund-raising event in July, 2007.
Jan 24 2007 4:27pm
Curious how your walking event went. Did you make it happ ... more
Jul 20 2007 11:01am
"Walking" without walking Some of you may not be able to walk in the traditional sense at all. My uncle in law was a star of the Wheelchair Olympics. Having been shot and paralyzed since the age of 19, he made up his mind to ...
Dec 31 2007 2:26pm
If you like to walk, try Nordic Walking Nordic walking uses two specially designed poles to work the upper body while walking. Similar to cross country skiing, the poles are used by the arms to match each step the person takes. Nordi ...
Mar 14 2008 7:03pm
I really wish I could get into Nordic training... I tried it at my gym and it was like a b ... more
Mar 14 2008 7:28pm
Make some "walking powder" for yourself or a friend! It can be easy to get chafed when walking and, if you are like my husband, to get stinky feet. (“Did somebody throw up in here?!”) But many of us are leery of using talc. Talc can get trapped in you ...
Dec 19 2007 10:20am
walking after surgery I must confess to having had “a little work done” in the past. When you have had surgery, what with the pain and painkillers, you definitely don’t feel like doing anything, let alone walking. But yo ...
Dec 20 2007 10:11pm
Ellen DeGeneris on walking “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-three today and we don't know where the hell she is.” - Ellen DeGeneres. It just goes to show you that it’s never t ...
Dec 29 2007 3:42pm
Walk Instead of Drive While it's a good thing fitness-wise to park your car a little farther away and get some walking in when going to the grocery store, etc., why not leave the car behind completely? I realize that ...
Oct 13 2007 10:22pm
... 45 minutes from bigger cities either way) or walk. Sometimes I go with my husband to the c ... more
Oct 23 2007 8:43am
Walk with a worry stone! We all know that taking a walk has been considered a great way to hash out your worries since Biblical times. Sometimes, it helps to add a little “oomph” with that walk: why not carry a “worry stone ...
Dec 19 2007 9:46am
... idea for adults and kids. They can learn to walk off their frustrations and pick up healt ... more
Dec 23 2007 9:35am
Tasty January walking snack If you live near a Whole Foods store, they are giving out free calendars. In January, they have a recipe for a little snack that I think would be great to take along on a very long walk. It’s for co ...
Jan 06 2008 7:33pm
Break down your walk I had been busy for this past week, as I had some tight deadlines to meet. So I could not go for my daily walks as there was just too much to do, even that early in the morning. After getting ...
Aug 01 2007 3:40am