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Measure Body Fat, Not Body Weight. This is just something I read, and felt it is an interesting piece of information for those on a diet, actually for almost everyone. When on a weight-loss program, we tend to measure our body weight ...
Jul 14 2007 3:23am
... g relying on body fat measurement instead of body weight. I am a certified fitness trainer ... more
Jun 18 2009 8:32pm
Weight Loss Challenge - Lose Weight - Gain Cash! Hi Everyone - I wanted to invite everyone to join our Weight Loss Challenge! It is listed under Classes and Events! Here is the URL: Here i ...
Feb 29 2008 7:27pm
Weight Loss Challenge - Lose Weight - Gain Cash! Join Now! Be Spring's Biggest Loser! Spring into a "New You" at EZ Weight Loss 101 Here you can Lose Weight and Gain Money! Join our club for only $29.00 for a 12 week class. Average Weight Loss is ...
Feb 29 2008 7:29pm
Reliable Weight loss pills Fatblast X-treme is a fabulous new addition to the weight loss market. Fatblast X-treme can help you lose weight in a completely revolutionary way compared to the vast majority of diet aids on the m ...
Apr 14 2009 4:20pm
... Fatblast X-treme. I am taking &ltgt; for the weight loss and it really help me to reduce m ... more
Jul 10 2012 5:20am
How do you guys lose weight ASAP? I realised that i am going to have a major competition coming up this sunday and i am currently sorta overweight by my category by 3kg. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks.=)  ...
Dec 13 2009 9:37pm
... at about 1 pound per week is a safe rate for weight loss. And of course we must realize th ... more
Jun 11 2010 10:42am
First Tip to Losing Weight - Love Your Body! From experience, I know that simply changing your attitude towards your body can be the best way to actually help you lose weight. It might sound like a contradiction--"So you're saying I should l ...
Jul 27 2007 12:34pm
... know part of the reason why. When I was that weight, I was happy, had great relationships ... more
Oct 23 2007 6:22pm
Portion Control Is A Successful Weight-Loss Method A recent study verifies the importance of portion control for weight loss. Obese subjects who used smaller "portion-control dishes" for six months lost 1.8 percent of their body weight versus 0.1 perc ...
Jul 08 2007 4:48pm
Lose Weight With a Siesta! Well, not really. Although research does show that a big portion of the time you are sleeping is when you are performing much of your digestive process. What I really mean by my title is eating ...
Aug 22 2007 10:27am
... pm then I still have a ways to go before I sleep. Maybe that's why big dinners don't seem ... more
Oct 10 2007 3:45pm
Want to find a fitness routine for strenth training where you never have to lift a weight again? Tracey Gardner Method TM is loosely based on a combination of yoga and Pilates; but now it's all about body leveraging (resisting your own body weight). It is not about flexibility, but engaging ...
Sep 24 2010 11:25am
Portion Control Plates Help You Lose Weight Looking to lose weight? Watching your portions (literally) can be the first step to a reduced dress size. According to a Canadian study, proper portion sizes measured out in a plate and cereal bowl ...
Aug 02 2007 4:17pm
I also heard that if you eat food on a blue plate you'll eat less. Blue doesnt trigger hun ... more
Aug 09 2007 5:13pm