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TV Ads Might Increase Childhood Obesity It might seem evident that sitting in front of the boob tube can turn you into a couch potato, but with all the commercials centered on junk food, the results are even more staggering. According to a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
FTC says milk ads under fire are ending An ad campaign that suggested milk can help people lose weight is ending, the Federal Trade Commission told a doctors' group that had complained. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine con ...
May 11 2007 12:24pm
Adding flavor to your water Does adding flavor to your water (such as crystal light and other sugar free mixes) count as drinking water or is that cheating?
May 05 2008 3:48pm
... hoice.  , , , , ,   , , , ,  Studio Headphones are hot sale, the sound is balance a ... more
Apr 09 2012 6:03am
Building a Healthy Lifestyle: Adding volume not calories In Dr. Ornish's book The Spectrum, he says that in a Penn State study researcher found that women ate three pounds of food per day regardless of the calories. If you are trying to maintain or lose ...
Feb 01 2008 7:57am
Lunch is a great opportunity for adding veggies Challenge yourself to eat a lunch filled with vegetables at least once each week. The GSB cafeteria has a great salad bar that you can load up for ~$6.00. Salad, cucumbers, peas, carrots, cauliflowe ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:37pm
... l of the day, so I used to stay away from salads and opt for stuff that was a little more. ... more
Nov 07 2007 2:20pm
Food Journal needs help adding fruit and veggies! I am so amused by my friend. He has just discovered the art of calorie counting and now carries around a notebook where he logs all of his calories, minus his workout. I snuck a peek at this ...
Mar 13 2008 5:54am
The Good, Bad and Ugly of Nutrition: Carbohydrate FRUITS: Good: Fresh, frozen, stewed, dried fruits without sugar added Bad: Canned, bottled, frozen fruits with sweeteners added, oranges VEGETABLES: Good: Raw, fresh, frozen, home-canned veges ...
Aug 17 2007 12:23pm
I Can't Believe it's Not Yogurt! This may sound lame, but I have found the best way to cut back on fat in my diet. Kefir! Fat free! What is Kefir, you ask? Only the best thing you've ever tasted. Okay, probably not really true but he ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
TV Food Advertising: Targeted to Kids The Kaiser Family Foundation has undertaken the largest study ever of TV food advertising to children. Here are the salient details. Age 2-7 Age 8-12 Age 13-17 Food ads seen per day ...
Mar 29 2007 12:07pm
Go fresh with herbs There aren't many things that bring a fresh from the garden taste to meals than using fresh herbs. The added bonus is many of them have wonderful antioxidants and other healthy properties. The big th ...
Jun 26 2007 10:27pm
Here are some tips: often, you can use less of a fresh herb than the weight of its dried ... more
Jan 17 2008 5:24pm