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Kidney Function My father passed away many years ago from Kidney Failure.   Watching him go through dialysis twice a week was very difficult for my mother and I. In the end, his quality of life was affected with ...
Oct 05 2011 5:51pm
The Video has been REMOVED??? more
Jul 05 2012 3:09pm
A Different Kind of Gardening I was reading a news article today ( about a kind of gardening I've never encountered before. Oyster garden ...
Jan 18 2008 10:01am
wow , i never heard of that either more
Jun 26 2008 12:57am
Different Kinds of Healthy A lot of people confuse "healthy eating" with "low-fat or low-calorie eating." You can eat a low calorie diet full of preservatives, nitrates and pesticides and low in essential nutrients. If losing ...
Jul 23 2007 10:53am
what kind of dance do you teach and how much is it for classes
Jun 10 2008 10:54am
what kind of dance do you teach And how much are dance lessons
Jun 10 2008 10:59am
What the ADA says about fiber Dietary fiber consists of the structural and storage polysaccharides and lignin in plants that are not digested in the human stomach and small intestine. A wealth of information supports the American ...
Jan 26 2007 8:10pm
I agree with everyone else... that diets are seldom the answer. You may lose weight in the long term, but a balanced diet and exercise regimen that make you look and feel your best and that you can sustain for a loooooong time are ...
Aug 10 2007 9:48am
i agree on to this. yet many of us are still in the brink of faster results, still would ... more
May 16 2010 3:16pm
About Syndication, RSS feeds, and Atom feeds Many people have questions about how to use RSS feeds, and how to set one up for their blogs. The good news is that most blogging platforms have support for syndication built in (usually including RSS ...
Aug 09 2008 9:15pm
Get new shoes! I learned this the hard way, but apparently you're supposed to get new running shoes every 500 miles or so. I've been using the same shoes for a few years and my legs and have been hurting lately whe ...
Jun 01 2007 11:31pm
... to save money for our shoes. There are three kinds of shoes (neutral, stability, motion co ... more
Dec 13 2009 9:14pm
Ditch Fad Diets and Stay Young Instead of resolving to lose weight or turn back the wheels of time with the help of yo-yo diets, eat a balanced diet of unsaturated fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables. "Healthy fats and proteins ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am