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Mats on Namaste Yoga Show on Fit TV Does anyone know the brand and/or where to buy the yoga mats used in the yoga show called Namaste Yoga on Fit TV? I've scoured the web with no luck so far... I've never seen mats like those - they loo ...
May 09 2008 4:46pm
They look to use different mats for different segments. However my best ... more
Jul 09 2009 4:30pm
Tangled Matted Hair Solutions & Remedies  It realy frustrates me that women's hair loss from serverly matted or tangled hair  is much more common than most people realize.-and it's  not even taken that seriously by hair stylists.  Altho ...
Jun 03 2009 10:48am
The Art of Napping Forget the law of attraction--the true secret to happiness and success (as Leonardo da Vinci and Mark Twain both knew) is learning to become a master at the art of napping. Scientists have shown tha ...
May 16 2008 12:33pm
I think the art of power napping is something worth pursuing! more
May 27 2008 5:07pm
Take a Nap for a Healthy Heart Here's another good reason for a mid-day siesta: in a recent study, researchers found that people who napped for half an hour or more at least three times a week had a 37 percent lower risk of dying f ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I shared my secret to power napping on Prevention: Pass My Blankie - I ... more
Aug 08 2008 12:07pm
Health Tip: Take a Nap (HealthDay News) -- Napping is a great way to help revive yourself if you're sleepy, tired or stressed. Here are some of the ways napping can improve your physical and emotional well-being, courtesy ...
Mar 05 2007 3:08pm
Best Time to Nap I always get really tired and want to take a nap around like 4pm. But if I do, then I cannot fall asleep until like 1am. Is there anyway I can throw my sleep schedule so I want to take a nap earlier.. ...
Jun 07 2007 12:24pm
... into a routine that makes it desperate for a nap. Perhaps if you throw it off schedule yo ... more
Mar 18 2008 4:37pm
Here's the Secret to Power Napping Have you always wanted to get the benefits of a true power nap? It's all about giving up! Read Pass My Blankie - It's Time to Power Nap.
Aug 08 2008 12:05pm
I like a little bean bag for my eyes. Not only does it block out the light, the weight of ... more
Aug 20 2008 9:30am
Daily Nap Keeps You Healthy Taking time to rest is not lazy. It is the responsible thing we all should do to maintain our personal immune systems. In other words, we need our rest in order to be healthy. You can work out all ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Slipping during postures Does anyone else have the problem of sliding on the mat when your hands or feet get sweaty? I find I spend my downward facing dog just trying to not slip. Is it my mat? Is it me? Any ideas of how to ...
Jan 07 2008 1:29pm
... or can be washed off. Thiss is only with new mats. Other mats are not well designed and t ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:26pm
What are the Benefits of doing Yoga? I thought it would be great to hear  what are people's own personal experiences of doing Yoga. For me doing Yoga, its a way of taking time to value my body and give it something that helps the bo ...
Aug 12 2009 7:18pm
yoga can keep u fit in all the way ur body ur soul etc ur immune system makes ,strong to f ... more
Feb 12 2010 5:07am