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Limiting Core Beliefs What are your core beliefs, things that you believe at the very core of yourself? How might those core beliefs be limiting your experience? Discover your core beliefs and you will understand why ...
Mar 18 2008 10:45am
Nirmala: First of all, beautiful name. Yeah, it's the blessing of being Divine Be ... more
Mar 19 2008 2:14pm
Yom Kippur/Fasting and Break the Fast This is the time of year when Jews around the world celebrate Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, with a fast (from sundown to sundown). There are always articles in the Jewish magazines on foods to b ...
Sep 21 2007 7:43pm
Body, Mind, & Spirit - what the experts have to say I have been fascinated with the connection between mind and body for most of my life. Below are quotes by leading medical authorities in the U.S.A. “The brain and body communicate using a flood of ch ...
Aug 01 2010 2:04pm
Is Kosher Food Healthy I am not Jewish myself, but I am around a lot of Jews. Does anyone know if Kosher food is healthier than normal food, and if so why?
Oct 08 2007 10:36am
... Found on a Website:. Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods we can and ... more
Oct 08 2007 10:45am
Breastfeed and lose weight Contrary to popular belief, a woman who breastfeeds regains her figure faster compared to a woman who does not. This is because a breastfeeding mother utilizes the fat that is accumulated durin ...
Aug 02 2007 2:22pm
Yes, breastfeeding does the body good. Does the baby good too. Pregnant women should r ... more
Aug 14 2007 8:31am
Fight Stress by Getting Your Finances in Order Are money worries getting the better of you? Almost everyone has wondered where the rent is coming from at least once, but if you are chronically worried about your finances, it's having an adverse a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I agree. there is nothing more stressful than worrying about money. A visit to a good fi ... more
Sep 26 2007 7:08am
A Study of Organic Goodness Results from a few recent studies point to the myriad health benefits of organic versus conventional produce and meats. Aside from the fact that organic fruits and vegetables just plain taste better ...
Sep 10 2007 12:49pm
Stephanie B,I understand where you are going,We are both on dissibilty now,but we both do ... more
May 18 2008 7:30am
Crashes Are Interesting Crashing your bicycle is painful. Aside from the physical pain, the deepest wounds associated with a severe bicycle crash may be the insecurity and fear of actually riding again. The scars resulting ...
Apr 13 2007 2:33pm
Great posting. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. more
Apr 16 2007 4:53pm
Just say "no"! Most of us have heard this simple advice, but we still struggle with it. Here's another reminder'saying "No" is OK. Saying "no" to friends, family, projects, and social invitations you don't have the ...
Jun 30 2007 2:01pm
A way of life The path of life We all have a “path” through life. Some people’s “paths” wind apparently aimless, others appear strait as an arrow. Our paths may change subtly or dramatically through our live ...
Nov 23 2007 3:24pm
4. There will be times when we will wander off the path, and with food choices, I have com ... more
Dec 02 2007 2:00am