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Japanese Health Tips ? Eat a varied diet: The typical Japanese will have about 100 varieties of food per week compared with just 30 in the average American diet and 45 in the average European diet. ? High cholesterol ...
Jul 21 2007 2:20am
Rising number of Japan's kids have weight problem A growing number of Japanese children have weight problems that could set them up for health problems later in life, and standards must be set to deal with the issue, researchers said on Monday. The ...
Apr 02 2007 10:37am
Faux News: Breast Milk for Weight Loss This week while trawling the web I came across an article in a Japanese website that talked about research into Lactoferrin. Apparently daily supplements of lactoferrin led to a significant reduction ...
Apr 11 2007 5:31pm
seb The world’s oldest person, Yone Minagawa, has died. She was 114 and from Japan, where her diet consisted mainly of fish and rice. This healthful diet has long been thought to be the main con ...
Aug 16 2007 11:00am
You're Never Too Old to Reach the Top! Katsusuke Yanagisawa, a retired Japanese schoolteacher, reached the top of Mount Everest on June 5th, 2007 at the age of 71. This makes him the oldest person ever to successfully climb to the summit ...
Mar 11 2008 2:53pm
thats awesome more
Jun 26 2008 12:34pm
Baby Furniture If the furniture is as per the choice and liking of the babies they would love to spend their time in . While purchasing the baby furniture the points to be kept in mind is their choice and liking.W ...
Apr 20 2009 9:00pm
Do a research on-line to see what the best furniture prices are for cribs. This can save c ... more
Jan 20 2010 1:53pm
Baby Furniture When a child is born, it is hard for parents to resist spending lavishly as they always want the best for baby. Months before the actual arrival of the newborn, plans and preparations are in full sw ...
Apr 20 2009 9:35pm
Sickness and diarrhea advice There are many different conditions that can cause you unscheduled trips to the bathroom. But one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis (stomach bu ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
In general, when your child is vomiting a lot from something like a stomach virus (gastroe ... more
Feb 25 2013 12:36pm
Fine art of kaiseki creates buzz in food world Some of the world's most forward-looking chefs are obsessing over a 500-year-old Japanese cuisine called kaiseki. Like an art form, as much attention is paid to the presentation of food on each plate ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Stanford Jujitsu Stanford Jujitsu A comprehensive Japanese martial art that is principally based on grappling and joint lock techniques, it also includes basic st ...
Oct 18 2007 3:29pm