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Safe Surfing for Beginners Surfing may look easy when you are watching it from the shoreline, but it is one of the most dangerous and strenuous sports out there. Here are a few tips for beginners to stay safe in the water: 1) D ...
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Stay Safe on the 4th If you or someone you love is going to be playing with fireworks on the 4th, be certain to take the time for basic firework safety. Although the most common concern regarding the explosives is the obv ...
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Please have a safe holiday season. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself and take a second to spread the word about being safe this season by sharing this link to With the holidays right around t ...
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Stay safe in the sun When the sun does come out, will you know how to keep you and your family safe when it's hot? Sunburn and skin cancer Sunburn isn't pleasant. It can be p ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Top 5 Ways to Be Safe When Jogging at Night 1. Bring a buddy. If someone is planning an attack, trying to take on two sweaty joggers is much more difficult than one lonely one. 2. Do not wear your IPod. If you must run with music, only p ...
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You should also consider running indoors. I know this is not what anyone likes to hear but ... more
Jul 11 2007 11:38am
Jogging safely I usually work out in a gym, but yesterday I went running. I found that after just a short period of time, my knees and ankles were killing me. Anyone know how I can keep my joints safe with high im ...
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Hi everyone, I'm conducting a research about exercising and nordic walking in US and wo ... more
Mar 05 2009 4:20am
Is The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge Gold Package a good fit for you? Book Review The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge E-Book is for someone who is overwhelmed by the weight loss process. If you have little time to conduct searches on the internet, then Barbara Ling will save you ...
Feb 11 2008 12:12pm
Thanks for this review.  Very helpful.   ----------------------------------------- ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:27am
Keeping it safe There is a walking path near my house, but I’m amazed that none of the local walkers will use it – they like to be smack dab in the middle of the street. And this is at night, too! I see that some ...
Feb 13 2008 9:29am
Safe Sippy Giveaway at The Soft Landing Anyone up for another giveaway??? My trusty resource for non-toxic kid gear,The Soft Landing, has started another giveaway and I wanted to let you all know. They are giving away 3 of these Safe Sippys ...
Jul 24 2008 11:11pm
Does anbody know safe herbs to treat Zyprexa withdrawal for insomnia. I have gone down from 5mg to 2.5mg thanks fo any help? Does anbody know safe herbs to treat Zyprexa withdrawal for insomnia. I have gone down from 5mg to 2.5mg thanks fo any help?
Jul 19 2011 8:24am