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Is It Better To Eat Before Working Out - General Discussions

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Eating Better @ Work Here are 7 tips for making better choices around meal at work. For example - try a walking meeting...
Nov 09 2007 9:58am
My husband loves to walk during lunch hour. He says it clears his head and he gets restles ... more
Nov 15 2007 12:10am
5 Tips For Safer Work Outs 1. Warm Up - Duh, you say, but you do it all the time, admit it! You get right to running, or dancing, or playing hockey without warming up. Five minutes of working up to a light sweat can save you ...
Jun 06 2007 10:09am
Yes, these are the most important aspects of working out; yet not done enough by me for on ... more
Oct 30 2007 7:47am
Eating Healthier At Work Although I’m lucky enough to have a work environment surrounded by nutritious food, even though the odd box of chocolates make their way in, many of us don’t. Employers often have the standard coffee ...
Jan 24 2007 11:08am
Thermage Drops Inches Without the Work I read an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago and it’s still bothering me. Fortunately, The Tennessean has it online: Quick-fix cosmetic procedures tighten hips and thighs on the fly. Here’ ...
Feb 26 2008 4:29pm
That's how I feel. I understand the FDA has very comprehensive testing procedures, but ... more
Feb 28 2008 9:42am
Help, diets don't work for me I've tried dozens of diets (I feel like I've been on a diet all of my life), purchased weight loss pills and more. Nothing works. All the weight that I lose comes back (and then some). Every year I ...
Feb 23 2007 5:22pm
On TV I saw that one morbidly obese fella lost weight on a high protein, low carb diet. I ... more
Mar 16 2007 7:02pm
Aerobic High Intensity Intervals Work Better for Fit Individuals Recently (2007) Helgerud, Hoydale, et. al reported that higher intensity training (90% Heart Rate Max) significantly increased their VO2 max compared to other training methods. This means that for f ...
Jul 01 2007 7:49pm
A Work Workout So you’ve noticed that your pants feel a little tighter than they used to; or that you don’t have as much energy as you thought you did… That may be because your job involves sitting in ...
Aug 09 2007 5:33pm
Beating the Cravings While You Work from Home Being a freelance writer who works from home can be a damper when it comes to eating healthy - because of the fact that food is available everywhere at all times. Particularly at those times when ...
Aug 01 2007 11:33am
I also find myself eating because I'm bored. more
Aug 03 2007 4:41pm
10 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Personal Trainer 10 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Personal Trainer We all could use a little help with exercise; whether you're just starting out or you've been at it for a long time. Working with a Personal Tra ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Best Time for Cardio Work Out to Lose Fat The fact that you do a cardio work out almost everyday is fantastic. Any time you do your work out is the best time to work out. However, I came across an article that tells us the best time to work ...
Sep 20 2007 9:09pm
... n see where it can be more beneficial to workout in the morning, but you defiantly need so ... more
Sep 25 2007 3:59pm