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Change Your Relationship with Your Treadmill Part of the reason so many of us stop going to the gym is that it can get to be tedious after a while. Thirty minutes on the elliptical, another monotonous 15 minutes with strength training and then i ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Enough With The Treadmill Workouts. Not working!! So many people use the treadmill every day to lose weight. Treadmill walking is good in the beginning for a few pounds to lose but if you need to lose 25 plus lbs, you must mix it up. My advice is to ...
Feb 17 2008 3:29am
... xing it up is a great tip. I had focussed on treadmill workouts for awhile. I do enjoy the ... more
Feb 17 2008 8:34am
A cheap treadmill! I was watching QVC tonight and they had a cheap, folding treadmill. I never even knew there was such a thing… I thought the only treadmills were $600 + . QVC’s is the Cory Everson Manual Folding Tre ...
Jan 19 2008 7:43pm
Manual treadmills are cheaper than motorized ones as ... more
Jan 20 2008 1:30pm
pro form treadmill I wish I were flush and also, had no downstairs neighbor! I am seeing on HSN not the ProFormiFit Audio Trainer Treadmill with a SD weight loss card. It has many workouts built in, along with an iPod ...
Jan 17 2008 7:48pm
Running on treadmill and still cellulite! I am running/walking doing interval training on the treadmill five times a week for 30 minutes and STILL have cellulite on my thighs! ANyone have any comments on how to lose this? I thought the runn ...
Jan 14 2008 8:42pm
Things I learned on the way to completing an Ironman Little things I found out while training for Ironman Louisville 2007 - Swimming: People have varying opinions about whether or not shaving your legs makes you a faster cycle ...
Apr 01 2008 11:00am
Ironman Special Needs bags When preparing for my first Ironman at Ironman Canada 2009, it was difficult to find information on what people put in their special needs bags.  Typically, an Ironman race will have a special needs ...
Sep 09 2009 2:12pm
Biggest thing for me in my run bag was clean dry socks. I still got blisters, but they wou ... more
Feb 02 2010 4:21pm
Ironman's vegan diet pumps up body's ability to fight stress Brendan Brazier, the Canadian pro-Ironman triathlete has developed a vegan diet that he thinks enhances his performance. His Thrive Diet focuses on how the body focuses with stress both of rigorous ph ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Eye of the Tiger Ahhhhh the treadmill. I stepped back on to the treadmill last night for the first time in 2007. In my eyes the key to the treadmill is good music. Lets face it, running in place for 30 minutes is b ...
Jan 31 2007 9:21am
On the road again I'm an avid road cyclist, but in order to thinking "triathlon" I need to start running. Ugh. Despise running. Hurts every joint in my body. Ever see a runner smiling? At any rate, my goal is to start ...
Nov 05 2007 6:42am
I have never been a fan of running nor have chosen to do it for recreational fun. One of ... more
Nov 05 2007 11:48am