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Kelp: 100% iodine, low sodium alternative to salt Kelp, the wonder gift of the sea. A serving of 1/2 teaspoon provides approximately 6 milligrams of iodine, or 40 times the RDA. Is that safe? It is widely used in Japan and shows no ill effects with m ...
Oct 01 2007 2:14pm
I'm in my fifties and was bought up in New Zealand using Kelp salt.  We never had 'table s ... more
Jan 28 2011 6:41am
Have a Pimple? Toss the Dairy If you're suffering from a post-adolescent breakout, not to worry. Aside from opting for gentle cleansers, you can also get rid of dairy in your diet. Iodine that's used to keep dairy cows infection ...
Aug 14 2007 12:07pm
Where are you getting your information from? Iodine used in pre-and post dips doesn't actu ... more
Oct 16 2009 3:47pm
Eating with the Seasons Whenever I go to the grocery store, I can't help but notice the presence of a large number of cold-stored, processed foods available throughout the year. However, experts believe that it is best to e ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Seaweed Kombu (from warm waters) and Nori (from cold waters) seaweeds are plentiful in Japan. These contain high amounts of iodine as well as minerals and microelements which impart robust health as well as ...
Jul 21 2007 2:18am
Seaweed is used in making sushi rolls, and it's easy to make a similar dish at home withou ... more
Sep 18 2007 7:18am