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The Peace of a Routine One thing that I have found very helpful to my state of relaxation is establishing some sort of a routine. Although the very rebel inside me cries out against this R word, I have to say, it reall ...
Jul 31 2007 11:01pm
I totally agree! In fact, if I don't have a routine, or if my routine is disrupted for mor ... more
Jan 18 2008 12:37pm
The inner work of yoga The practice of yoga, through poses, gives us the opportunity to examine the ways in which we treat and live in our bodies. Once we've become aware of the condition of our bodies, we are able to exa ...
Jan 18 2008 12:24pm
Thank you for this beautiful piece! You mentioned in your second paragraph that it's muc ... more
Jan 24 2008 12:31pm
yoga Yoga originated in India 5,000 years ago as a spiritual practice used to quiet the mind and deepen one’s moment to moment experience. The Sanskrit word Yoga is translated as 'union' between mind, b ...
Aug 21 2007 12:01pm
All the yoga asanas are simply a means to an end. I find it fascinating that the ultimate ... more
Oct 04 2007 9:04am
Warm and tender lump on inner thigh  Male 21 yrs old I was getting out of the shower and noticed a pimple like lump on my inner thigh ( near the crease between leg and pubic region ). I popped it because it had a white head and pus ...
Dec 29 2008 7:05pm
i have about the samething but my bump on my left upper inside between my legs its a bump ... more
Sep 11 2010 1:47pm
Anyone know anyting about autoimmune inner ear disease? I had a sudden hearing loss in both ears last summer and after seeing an ENT, otologist and a rheumatologist, have been diagnosed with autoimmune inner ear disease.   Treatment with prednisone broug ...
Feb 06 2010 10:43pm
thanks for your reply.  I've had the ear shots in my bad ear, didn't bring back any hear ... more
Feb 13 2010 9:20am
Inner Beauty The Chamber of Deputies, France's lower house of parliament, recently adopted a bill making it illegal for anyone to "incite extreme thinness;" the latest and strongest of a series of measures propose ...
May 07 2008 6:14pm
As a weight loss consultant and WW leader, I repeatedly remind people who are frustrated ... more
May 08 2008 8:57am
Top 5 reasons to do yoga! 1. Increase flexibility 2. Get stronger 3. Improve circulation 4. Breathe easier 5. Inner peace :)
Jun 25 2007 2:56pm
... ch doing 1-4 really will increase your inner peace. i feel i've really begun becoming the ... more
Sep 28 2007 2:04pm
Beat Depression with Qigong Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice involving meditation, breathing exercises, and body movements, has been found to relieve depression in a new study. Qigong is similar to tai chi and has been perfor ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Holding grudges I am reading the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to keep the Little Things From Taking Over Your Life" by Richard Carlson. A quote that I read this morning h ...
Jan 02 2008 8:24am
Jan 15 2008 9:19pm
Body, Mind, & Spirit - what the experts have to say I have been fascinated with the connection between mind and body for most of my life. Below are quotes by leading medical authorities in the U.S.A. “The brain and body communicate using a flood of ch ...
Aug 01 2010 2:04pm