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I hate to say it... I hate to say it, but coffee in the long run makes you more tired. It drains the energy out of the adrenal glands and makes the blood sugar levels imbalanced. Sorry... but if you are going t ...
Sep 08 2007 3:46am
SpiderMan hates Meat! Hey, anyone who loves a celeb and is trying to find inspiration to go veggie, check this out - Tobey Maguire is a vegan and has been for years. Star Magazine reported that he hates meat so much that h ...
Jul 06 2007 2:36pm
I hate the sizism in walking outfits I hate the way, where I can get shoes and lotions, only has walking outfits in little girl sizes. Oh, they may say they carry "Large" (and they NEVER say XL), but trust me, those aren't ...
Mar 03 2008 11:00am
Time to wake up I hate getting up in the morning. Maybe “hate” is too strong of word… No, to be honest, it isn’t. I hate it. I’m a night person. I don’t like going to bed at 10. I don’t like having to ta ...
Apr 11 2008 4:37pm
I am simply having problems with moving forwa ... more
Nov 16 2009 3:25pm
Clean the House! I am telling you, one of the best workouts I have discovered is cleaning the house. I know, I know, but I HATE cleaning with a capital H ... but I recently discovered that part of the reason I hated ...
Jul 30 2007 9:29pm
Yes, cleaning a house is a great workout. Good point an ... more
Aug 02 2007 8:33pm
My legs The other day I went to the gym. No big deal. I went with my mom. She is trying to lose a lot of weight. She and my dad have a trainer. He said I could come one day they were coming and work out wit ...
Aug 09 2007 4:41pm
My workouts have become fairly routine, and I've wanted to change it up ... more
Aug 13 2007 2:53pm
Nighttime walking Whew! Fall is starting to crash through the Indian summer we’ve had. I hate exercising in the heat. I don’t like the sun beating down on my eyes. I was in a fire a number of years ago and I’m not su ...
Oct 10 2007 5:23pm
And stay in areas where you know there's cell service ... more
Dec 01 2007 11:51am
SUSHI USB DRIVES After Thanko, pics and videos here we really wanted to visit another 100% Geek company : SolidAlliance ! We were very pleased to meet the man behind all those things that you love to hate or hate to ...
Apr 23 2007 1:16pm
Seven Tips for Exercise Haters If you’re anything like me, you hate exercise. It’s not that you don’t enjoy moving around or getting some fresh air and exerting your limbs—it’s just that the idea of a regular, structured regimen ...
Jul 27 2007 2:45pm
April 29th, 2008 Today is an excellent day! It was a bit cold for my taste, but winter is definitely over. I've been going to the gym close to everyday, alternating strength training every other day. Cardio is e ...
Apr 29 2008 7:42pm
Air popped popcorn is filling and has a satisf ... more
May 01 2008 3:42pm