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When Age Meets Endurance, Records Can Fall On Sunday, August 10th, American athlete Dara Torres anchored the US women’s swim team to a silver medal in the 4x100 metres freestyle relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In doing so, she cemented h ...
Jan 26 2009 4:24pm
walking meetings Body and Soul magazine suggests converting sit-down meetings into walking meetings. I think this is a fun and innovative idea, but with some caveats. I think this would be best for a one on one meet ...
Dec 23 2007 10:27am
RIN Prosecutions: Where Fraud Meets Environmental Protection . . . Once Again   RIN Prosecutions: Where Fraud Meets Environmental Protection . . . Once Again crown jakarta capital eco man ...
Apr 13 2013 2:46am
Meet Your Stanford Nutritionist Meet Registered Dietician, Vivian Crisman, Thursday November 29 at noon in FloMo.
Nov 15 2007 5:01pm
Go out to eat, meet a friend Although it's been a longtime tradition in Europe, communal dining is catching on here in the States. The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and the Marin Independent Journal all recently ran art ...
Jun 13 2007 7:06am
I like little restaurants where you eat *close* to others, sparking up conversation if you ... more
Jun 23 2008 8:21pm
Opportunity Meeting for Votre Vu - March 6th, Charlotte NC Now accepting reservations. New Naturally Based Skincare Line launching Spring 2008. Be one of the first 1,000 to launch this incredible line. Reserving from now until spring. Early reservation maximi ...
Jan 20 2008 5:53pm
Get fit even if you're busy Just got this from the website: Real Muscle Online. Helpful! 10 ways to fit in a workout when you seem too busy We all have them. Busy days where we seem like we are in too much of a rush to ...
Jul 24 2007 3:02pm
I am a new visitor of this site. I read these ten tips. It is very interesting. ... more
Jul 25 2008 10:51pm
"Inappropriate Yoga Guy" There's a video on YouTube poking fun at guys who hit on girls in yoga class (though I thought the girl in the video was just as annoying). So what do you think of people meeting each other in yoga ...
Dec 26 2007 10:10pm
... d did an experiment, walk up to them and see how close you can get without them subconscio ... more
Jun 20 2008 6:42pm
Looking for a Tennis Practice Wall in Slovakia Dear Well-mates: You may be interested in what it takes to exercise in far away places. I wrote this in March 2003. But don’t forget that in the Spring of 2004, Slovakia joined the Europe ...
Jan 26 2007 7:15pm
British Diet Still Too Salty Says Agency A new report by the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that the average Briton still eats too much salt, although the level has come down a little in recent years. Published today, the FSA report ...
Mar 19 2007 2:42pm