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self-esteem in teens as the author of "all the wrong people have self-esteem" i am happy that wellsphere has taken notice. my book is full of humor and collage, and it's message is basically that it's okay not to be oka ...
Nov 01 2008 10:21am
Springhill Group: Treat Childhood Obesity  from springhill group medical You may find fat kids cutie ones but they may be starting to suffer from obesity.   Obesity is a serious medical condition that often leads to serious diseases.   C ...
Dec 17 2012 7:04am
A barista tells Starbucks corporate that she refuses to use the "Skinny" lingo If your New Year's Resolution involves weight loss and healthy eating, look no further than your local Starbucks. They are putting their lattes on a diet, totaling 90 calories. All is well until a ...
Jan 09 2008 12:34pm
... nk correct and not be shortchanged and now I have to ask for skinny? more
Jan 13 2008 10:50am
Battling with bulimia An eating disorder like bulimia can affect anyone of any age and sex What is bulimia? ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
I never quite understood the difference between bulimia and anorexia. This latter disorder ... more
Mar 04 2011 11:17am
Respect your walking! For some of us, walking is the hardest sport we will endure. We need to respect that! Do like Dr. Joyce Brothers suggests for diets and put together a “walking trousseau”. Maybe you are the type tha ...
Dec 17 2007 9:14pm
Respect Wildlife 1. Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them. 2. Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other ...
Jun 02 2007 12:27pm
a squirre did that , thats pretty cool more
Jun 26 2008 12:53am
Respect the Vegan! The post below mine made me think of this - my vegan friend won't eat some of the veggie patties (like veggie sausage) that are out on the market because they still contain some form of animal protein ...
Jul 27 2007 11:15am
... City Paper followed some vegans around and showed how hard it is to stay on that diet. So ... more
Nov 09 2007 4:09pm
High Sed Rate, High TSH Joint inflammation & pain Hi, I have been on Synthroid for many years and am 43. Over the past few months i have developed shoulder pain, finger joint pain and swelling with nodules. I have been increasingly fatigued, and fe ...
Aug 26 2010 5:10pm
High-fat diet ups breast cancer risk Elevated fat and cholesterol levels -- common in the Western diet -- may increase the risk of breast cancer, U.S. researchers suggest. Biologist Philippe G. Frank of Thomas Jefferson University s ...
Jan 11 2011 12:54pm
Dark Chocolate May Lower High Blood Pressure According to German researchers at the University Hospital of Cologne, dark chocolate and other cocoa-rich products could help to lower high blood pressure. The report, which covered ten studies on co ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... a & Paulineh. I too am a Dark Choco fan. However I have noticed dark chocolates contai ... more
Apr 22 2009 1:11pm