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How To Have A Flat Stomach - General Discussions

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If you're over 40 It's even more important to exercise I'm just 40 and as much as I hate to say it, I don't drop weight instantly anymore when i wanna get ready for a big event. In my 20's I could just modify my diet and five lbs would disappear in a week ...
Sep 25 2007 8:44am
Help me lose a few I'm not very overweight, but would like to lose that layer in my belly and get a flat stomach. Have never really been able to, even though I eat relatively healthy and do some kind of workout once or ...
Jan 29 2007 11:23am
Strengthen the core, stomach muscles So much back pain actually comes from lack of the core, abdominals. Strengthen them using yoga or pilates. You'll love having a flat tummy as well! Drinking more water is another way to reduce ...
Sep 08 2007 3:55am
... t was a desk chair, but instead of a regular flat seat, there was a balance ball like the ... more
Dec 10 2007 6:56pm
Yoga for a flat tummy Today I did my yoga after a long time. I walk regularly, and I had been meaning to supplement that with yoga for 30 minutes but somehow, could never squeeze in so much time in the morning. But ...
Oct 28 2007 12:03am
Weightless Workout Part 1 Many people are duped into thinking they can only get a good workout by joining a gym, this is inaccurate. You can get a top notch workout in little time with no equipment. These are some of the exe ...
Apr 10 2008 11:05am
... ed the bulk that I once needed for football. However, now that a few years have passed I f ... more
Apr 07 2009 1:43pm
Top 5 Exercises to do at Home From SA Change your thoughts Push ups This is my all time favourite exercise to do in the house and can be done almost anywhere. If done correctly it can strengthen stamina and build y ...
Jul 27 2007 4:05pm
All About Abs No matter how fit, it seems we're all in search of the perfect stomach. For guys that tends to mean washboard abs?the typical 'six-pack? of rippling muscles. Some women want a washboard too, but mos ...
Jul 20 2007 12:30pm
Flatten My Stomach Alright, I hate doing a push-up because I don't have any stomach muscles and always end up straining my back. Can somebody please give me another way to build up my stomach muscles? No matter how fit ...
Jun 15 2007 9:03am
... know. In order to do a pushup you've got to have a strong core. If you don't want to do ... more
Jun 28 2007 5:27am
Fake Your Stomach Muscles! Did anyone else see the movie 300? I saw it several times, because of the action of course, but also because I was mesmerized with the bodies on those warriors. Devastated, of course, when my friend ...
Jul 31 2007 10:58pm
there is a work out called the 300 work out thats why they were so ripped that the work ou ... more
Jul 31 2009 9:19pm
Stomach Troubles, Be Gone! Gastrointestinal issues might sound like an embarrassing problem you'd rather not talk about, but millions of Americans take medication for the relief of indigestion, gas, acid reflux, and heartburn. ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am