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How To Gain Personal Freedom - General Discussions

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Freedom. Life WITH an eatting disorder.          This is me Contenance speaking from the outside. I have made a recognition. That is: the battle of us all is between ourselves. I am stepping outside of myself to say "I have nothing to ...
Jul 27 2010 3:00pm
You're Welcome =)       more
Aug 23 2011 1:16am
looking for runners and walkers   Event contact: Sparky George, President Hats Off America , (925) 855-1950 Sparky’s number, event day (925) 783-2088   15 th Hats OffAmericaRed T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk April 4 ...
Feb 13 2009 9:02am
today Today I made a new friend, hi Kyred, I read your survival story and I am sorry you had to go through all that but at the same time I feel a weird sense of relief that I am not the only person that g ...
Apr 07 2010 2:38pm
OH and to those I've lied to in the past...No I don't rehabilitate wild cats. lol more
Jun 15 2011 9:26pm
'Fat tax' could save thousands of lives each year LONDON - A 'fat tax' on salty, sugary and fatty foods could save thousands of lives each year, according to a study published on Thursday. Researchers at Oxford University say that charging Value Add ...
Jul 19 2007 11:34am
Sounds like another way to get people's money to me. If they really didn't want people to ... more
Oct 31 2007 5:00pm
Back in the Saddle Again The bike saddle that is. Remember when you were a kid and used to ride your bike for hours. It was your first taste of freedom. Your had your own set of wheels and you could ride to a friends house ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Bring Sexy Back! Come check out my Hip Hop class - get fit, feel great and put the FUNK back Have you ever see a Hip Hop performance and thought how much fun it would be to give it a try? Have you even happened upon a hip hop station on the radio and caught your hand tapping on the steering ...
Jan 28 2007 1:19pm
... advance so I can put you on the guest list! How are you doing? Psyched you can come on t ... more
Jan 29 2007 3:15pm
Environmental risks of the shale gas industry need constant monitoring   crown capital eco management environmental risks gas boilers   SIR – Peter Foster argues that in Britai ...
Mar 13 2013 3:40am
It is truly said that shale gas need constant monitoring as it is the major factor for t ... more
Jan 11 2014 6:58pm
Great Meditation Exercise I recently came across an incredible meditation technique that's been working wonders for me in terms of achieving lasting clarity and peace throughout the day. 1) Find a quiet place ...
Aug 14 2007 9:40am
Bad Strategies For Stress Relief We all try to relieve stress, either consciously or unconsciously. There are healthy ways to do this, and not so healthy ways. Attitude plays a major role. If you believe that everything in life is ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... d, happiness sometimes seems hard to attain. However, happiness doesn't need to be somethi ... more
May 08 2009 7:08pm
Ladies, walk at work Ladies, if you have a job where you are “running all over the place” – perhaps running all over court houses, a school, a hospital, etc., get yourself some proper shoes so you are doing it right. ...
Dec 20 2007 11:36am