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Bikram = HOT Yoga My mom told me she tried a yoga class recently and didn't like yoga because it was an unbearably hot and sweaty experience. Thought there might be some others out there who didn't know the different ...
Dec 27 2007 10:15am
Some people can be kindly directed while others need to be hammered upon the head. AS lo ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:31pm
Hot yoga! For some reason, it is so hard for me to attend yoga classes. I have a membership to an amazing yoga studio, I LOVE and enjoy Bikram, but yet...I rarely go! I think my hesitation to attend yoga class ...
Apr 22 2007 1:39pm
Get Hot with Bikram Yoga Over 16 million Americans practice yoga, a figure that's increased drastically in the last year, according to a recent survey from Yoga Journal. But if you're not up to speed on your different kinds o ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Bikram Yoga is something I am going to try, probably ... more
Feb 07 2009 8:24am
A Sucker for "Cool" Yoga Look up "gullible" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of lil' ol' me, the one who just had to find out about a new yoga franchise. On a trip out of town, I picked up a local weekly that ran a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Lets Do It Goodness I would LOVE TO GET TOGETHER and do yoga. There is this great place on El Camino right by Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park....It used to be HOT YOGA 101 -- but we should go there! So calming!
Jun 01 2007 4:05pm
If You're New to Yoga, Take it Easy at the Start In San Francisco, it's literally hard to drive down a city block and not see a sign for a yoga studio. Bikram, Ashtanga, power yoga - they're all available and not just in yoga studios. Yoga has i ...
Aug 17 2007 10:35am
Yoga Retreat in the Costa Rican Rainforest! Join certified instructors Kelly Lubeck and Sandy Ames for a week-long Retreat in the Costa Rican Rainforest from March 7-13, 2009. We are happy to announce a $200 Friends and Family Discount to every ...
Feb 01 2009 12:48pm
Yoga breaths = energy In one of my guilty pleasure reading staples, “Woman’s World”, breath is in the news. It’s not just how you breathe, it’s what you breathe. First, they are advising people to breathe in a “yoga way” ...
Aug 20 2007 9:50pm
... sal passages. I even brought it with me to a yoga class and put some under my nose so I co ... more
Mar 25 2008 3:31pm
Sculpt Firm and Shapely Legs in 6 Moves Looking great in short shorts and flirty skirts can be your reality, because just a stability ball, weights and a step can give you great legs. In about twenty minutes you can be on your way to hav ...
Aug 11 2008 9:06am
You should include running. Running is one of the best more
Nov 30 2011 6:37am
Simple Ways to Cut Down on Stress Stress is one of those unavoidable evils in life, but learning how to manage tension without letting it rip your life apart is one of the major keys to being happy. According to the Detroit Medical Ce ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am