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What creative ways are there to use ground flax seed and hemp seeds I cook with both ground flax seeds and hemp seeds but am searching for creative ways to use it.
Mar 31 2008 8:59am
I add at least a Tablespoon of ground flax to all my baked goods more
Aug 30 2008 9:39am
Fun With Flax Seeds I am fascinated with flax seeds. I just started eating them because I want to improve my fiber intake, and have already managed to chip a tooth on flax seed corn chips, so certainly take caution. I'v ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Gee Up on that horse! Horse back riding is a difficult sport to start with, especially if you don't consider yourself the strong, sporty type. But if you take the time to learn the ropes, it can be a very rewarding experi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... how important my posture was when riding the horse for the sake of stability and control, ... more
Nov 07 2007 6:49pm
Why the long face? Rio's obese treated like horses Rio de Janeiro hospitals have been sending obese people to share medical test equipment with horses at the local race track, drawing complaints from activists who say the practice is humiliating. "Wh ...
Apr 09 2007 3:38pm
Spiked Sunflowers Give Energy Surge Sunflower seed fans with a touch of sleep deprivation can now go nuts without a coffee chaser thanks to South Dakota-based Dakota Valley Farms, makers of Sumseeds, sunflower seeds spiked with caffeine ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sumseeds are currently available in many 7-Eleve ... more
Aug 14 2008 10:51am
Go Nuts! (In Moderation) Nuts are dense?calorically, that is. A small handful of cashews delivers 180 calories. However, if we can eat reasonable portions and not the whole bag, nuts and seeds are a valuable, if not required, ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Incredible Beans.... Asian-Style Green Bean Crisp green beans and sweet red bell pepper strips combine with the earthy aroma and flavors of sesame oil in this low-fat, high fiber side dish. Prep Time: 5 min Cook ...
Sep 04 2007 9:34pm
Whole grains: High in nutrition and fiber, yet low in fat Grains come in many shapes and sizes, from large kernels of popcorn to small quinoa seeds. Also called cereals, grains are the widely varied seeds of grasses, which are cultivated for food. All types ...
Mar 15 2007 11:17am
Yay For Fat! So maybe fried cheese is still out, but that doesn't mean you should forego fats altogether. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for you! While there is some disagreement about exactly how they work and ...
Oct 16 2007 6:20am
Avocados!!! These little gems are rich in potassium and vitamin A, and are a great antiox ... more
Feb 07 2008 8:41pm
Bishop's Weed The colloquial name for Bishop’s weed is ajwain or ova and its botanical name is trachyspermum ammi. Bishop’s weed is a small and erect shrub and has soft, fine feathery leaves. The seeds of the her ...
Mar 17 2008 2:24am
I hadn't heard of it, either. I wish they would sell it in loose form at herbal teas shops ... more
Mar 17 2008 9:19pm