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Gee Up on that horse! Horse back riding is a difficult sport to start with, especially if you don't consider yourself the strong, sporty type. But if you take the time to learn the ropes, it can be a very rewarding experi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... how important my posture was when riding the horse for the sake of stability and control, ... more
Nov 07 2007 6:49pm
Why the long face? Rio's obese treated like horses Rio de Janeiro hospitals have been sending obese people to share medical test equipment with horses at the local race track, drawing complaints from activists who say the practice is humiliating. "Wh ...
Apr 09 2007 3:38pm
Satiereal Saffron Extract One can't really argue with the logic behind Satiereal Saffron Extract. That isn't how to get rid of Satiereal Saffron Extract problems. On a technical level, of course, you can learn regarding Satier ...
May 30 2012 12:00pm
Ausangate Hiking 2011, 2012.... CUSCO Peru Ausangate Trekking (the Nicest Trekking of Peru) Departures 2011 2012….Email: inkatrailcusco@yahoo.esWeb For Ausangate Trek (the nicest trekking in Peru). We have designed ...
Sep 22 2010 6:37am
Horseback Riding is A Smelly Sport After you finish playing a sport you normally smell bad because you have been sweating and stuff, but after you HORSEBACK RIDE you smell sweaty and you smell like HORSE... So if you have to go grocery ...
Jun 01 2007 4:45pm
yea, us horse people hope the smell will offend you e ... more
Feb 18 2011 4:07am
Get Your Rear in Gear You may have heard about the coveted "yoga butt," and you may have seen one on a mat near you. To help you obtain one of your very own, Peter Seamans, yoga instructor at One Boulder Fitness in Colorad ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I've never heard it called Yoga Butt before, but that's pretty funny. I have to add, thoug ... more
Sep 03 2007 8:16am
Diet and Politics National and world policies aside, it seems like the presidential candidates are talking more about their weight than ever before. When I was a kid, I don’t recall Richard Nixon speaking about fat o ...
Aug 19 2007 11:39am
I think it is great to hear politicians talk about health issues like diet and exercise. ... more
Aug 29 2007 11:22pm
Ford Models' Diet I have a book written in the 1980’s by Eileen Ford, founder of the Ford Modeling Agency. They were the sine qua non of agents. She had been a model wannabe, so always was watching her figure, as wel ...
Aug 30 2007 11:44am
I think it's a shame that there is so much focus put on models and particularly the hype o ... more
Sep 07 2007 7:02pm
You gotta be consistent! I know that when I'm not consistent with taking my vitamins, that's when my skin and hair go to hell.Also, it can be hard on your system to go on and off vitamins. But it's hard to be consistent! Tr ...
Sep 19 2007 8:30pm
These days vitamins come in many forms. If the tablet or capsule form doesn't suit your fa ... more
Sep 19 2007 9:02pm
Running while travelling For those of you that need to travel on business, getting exercise is important yet also a pain sometimes. The fitness facilities in the hotel are usually dull and machines are basic. Alternatively, ...
Feb 02 2007 8:58am