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Royal Jelly Supplements Royal Jelly - Royal Jelly is a milk-like secretion made by worker bees in the hive. It is so named because it serves as the sole food for the queen bee. It supplies all the B vitamins, vitamins A, C, ...
Oct 06 2009 3:43am
Arnica Gel â?? Remedy for Bruises, muscle aches and Stiffness Arnica gel is a topical gel that is especially prepared from the herb Arnica Montana. Arnica gel is used for bruises, muscle aches, stiffness, swelling, cuts, inflammation and soreness. Arnica gel i ...
Jan 23 2010 2:36am
Hoodia, Hoodia Hoodia is making a name for itself after centuries of use by the Kalahari bushmen in South Africa. Apparently, Hoodia wards off hunger on bushmen's long treks; thus experts seem to think it can do ...
Jul 30 2007 8:04am
Hoodia Update After taking Hoodia daily for a while I'm here to tell you it works, but it's not miracle pill. Basically it takes the edge off, but whatever habits you've developed are still there. After taking it ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... They're boredom and stress. I don't think hoodia will fix that. more
Dec 06 2007 4:11pm
Hoodia Hoodia comes from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The Kalahari tribe use hoodia to stave off hunger when they go on long hunts or expeditions. They chew on the fleshy part of the cactus-like plant th ...
Feb 20 2007 2:50pm
I really don't know what the side effects are. Honestly, to me it seems like a waste of m ... more
Mar 07 2007 11:54am
rapid increase in #2 diabetics? I have contracted type 2 diabetes.  I have graduated from pills to shots this year, but I have heard some information about commercial animal production practices that has peaked my interest, and wi ...
Aug 22 2011 1:03am
... the hormones attribute to the diabetes? I am sure they can and they do!  But the lion's sh ... more
Aug 30 2011 11:03pm
Be sure and wash your face! When you are outdoors working out, you need to wash your face afterwards. With the toxins that your body is releasing, along with sweat, urban pollution and even plant materials on the streets, that ...
Sep 19 2007 10:19pm
I'd never thought of that before. With all the pollutants from vehicles and other, my face ... more
Dec 04 2007 12:17pm
make sure it's organic! The one problem with soy is that so much of it has been genetically modified. If you are going to eat soy...and it does have many benefits, make sure it is organic! Stay away from anything that is ...
Sep 10 2007 4:46am
Organic bedding is a very good approach for healthy life, Organic bedding is possible by ... more
Jul 27 2012 6:39am
Something we'll surely all need right now Click the post title above for tips on how to save money for staples of your everyday diet as food prices continue to soar. One thing I never thought to do was use evaporated or powdered milk. Th ...
May 17 2008 6:21pm
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Dec 13 2011 9:58pm
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Jan 19 2013 7:32am