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Great hiking book There's a great book called "101 hikes in the Bay Area" that you can find at Borders, etc - it is a great resource to find amazing hikes. They rank the best ones, and they also tell you which have wat ...
Jan 24 2007 8:33pm
awesome more
Jun 24 2008 10:56am
My favorite Hike By far my favorite hike in the bay area is to leave from the Pan Toll ranger station on Mt Tam and hike down to Stinson Beach on the Steep Ravine trail. It is a gorgeous, fern lined, stream view trai ...
May 31 2007 11:44am
Plan a hiking vacation If you're a big fan of hiking you may want to plan a hiking vacation. There are some great trails out there. I know we've all heard of the Appalachian Trail all 2160 miles of it. If you're not up ...
Dec 15 2007 2:21pm
This is a fun idea. Just make sure that if you haven't been hiking a lot, you plan your se ... more
Dec 16 2007 10:59am
Marin hikes There must be fifty good hikes in Marin. I've probably done a third of them, with one of the best being the Dipsea Trail. There's also the race of the same name which is a killer -- 7 miles with about ...
Jan 11 2008 12:45pm
... hree Lakes Loop which is good couple of hour hike. I'll do another more detailed posting o ... more
Jan 11 2008 3:33pm
Cataract Falls...a great hike I went up hiking at Cataract Falls, which is near the Mt. Tam watershed in Marin. It was spectacular. 2 hours, a very steep climb, and seven waterfalls, with a perfect picnic spot at the far end. ...
Jan 14 2008 12:49pm
Hiking in Laguna Today I went hiking in Laguna Canyon near Laguna beach in California. It was perfect weather and so beautiful! We hiked to the top of the ridge, and then ate lunch. It was good to get my heart ...
Mar 08 2008 4:18pm
Hiking in Nepal Himalaya The hills of Nepal are popular for hiking. Hiking provides you with spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys, as well as a chance to become acquainted with the Nepali people’s lifesty ...
Jun 17 2009 2:43am
Be in Shape Before You Hike Just like an exercise program you need to train for a long hike. If you don't train, the hike will be harder than you imagine. Hiking is more than just taking a walk. It's a physical activity that r ...
Sep 25 2007 9:06pm
the beach is great more
Jun 26 2008 12:54am
Go Take A Hike I have the wonderful advantage of living in a place that is not just beautiful, but covered in hiking trails. I live in Colorado! When I first moved to Colorado I had never done any hiking, at least ...
May 25 2007 5:52pm
I've never been to Colorado, but would love to make it out for a snowboarding trip someday ... more
Aug 24 2007 10:42am
thru-hike water purification This year one of my goals is to go from regular day hikes to some longer two- to three-day backpacking/camping type hikes. In addition to preparing for this physically, I also understand I'm going ...
Jan 08 2008 3:28pm
A friend recommended SteriPEN,, to me. It's a portable purifier th ... more
Jan 08 2008 7:03pm