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I need help, so i can help my wife? My wife is always getting sick, always........ Symptons right now are sever body aches, diarhea, runy nose, and bad sorethroat what might it be and how can i treat it or help?  
Mar 07 2011 2:38am
It is good for you to urgently concern with the Doctor. Simply symptoms can’t enough to ... more
May 13 2014 5:50am
Early Dietary Advice Helps Lower Kids' Cholesterol According to a Finnish study, teaching children about maintaining a healthy diet helps to improve their blood cholesterol level. Pediatric endocrinologists at the University of Turku, Finland, studied ...
Aug 15 2007 3:16pm
Calcium Might Help Keep The Pounds Off Dietary calcium, particularly from dairy sources, has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years from studies showing that it seems to help weight-loss efforts. A new study looked at weight r ...
Oct 05 2007 1:28pm
This news has been welcome to me. I love dairy products and now, I know that as long as I ... more
Jan 18 2008 9:32am
Telephone help can spur diet, exercise changes While some people may need a personal trainer to get fit, a new study suggests that a little health advice over the phone can also do the trick. In a review of 26 studies on telephone health counseli ...
Apr 11 2007 6:09pm
Healthy eating program helps slim school kids The kids voted for their favorite vegetables, school cafeteria staff more accustomed to warming up frozen dishes learned how to slice fresh fruit and restaurants changed their menus. And the experime ...
May 11 2007 12:23pm
San Diego fires - where to give and get help! To give help: -Make a donation to - Sign up to volunteer at Volunteers are needed especially to operate the 211 hotlines. - Post in the free section of ...
Oct 22 2007 10:05am
Self-help books I know, I know, they seem so cheesy. Some are. For that reason, I don't buy them. I go to the library. Search the self-help section, or even the psychology section. Find a book that is applicable ...
Jun 30 2007 10:52am
... rs, turning my seminar material into a "self-help" book but finally did at the behest of m ... more
May 15 2009 4:40am
TV helps! It's amazing how watching a television show like the news or a talk show can make your workout feel like it's gone by so quickly. As long as you don't drag your feet (or legs, or arms, or abs, you get ...
Nov 28 2007 6:49pm
I like to watch The Today Show or The View on my eliptical. I also really like to read or ... more
Nov 29 2007 6:57pm
Foods and Activities to Help Battle Fatigue I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on specific exercise routines or foods that may help battle fatigue. I don't have a clinical disorder or anything, but I feel that I tend to be a little more low ...
Jul 27 2007 11:07am
A few suggestions.... Vitamins are good to help keep your energy and strength up...ask y ... more
Aug 02 2007 11:24am
Exercise Helps Postmenopausal Women Dr. Deborah Nelson, a professor at Temple University in Philadelphis, found that more exercise led to lowered levels of perceived stress in the post menopausal woman. "The levels of anxiety, stress, ...
Jan 13 2008 8:40am