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For Healthy Eyes!! Our life is full of stress. We take care of our face , our skin   maybe our entire body to fight the stress but often forget our eyes - the most important and beautiful part of our body. Take a look ...
Jul 14 2009 12:47am
Exercise Those Eyes! For those who do a lot of work with eyes, here are some great exercises to reduce eyestrain and to work those eye muscles. You can either sit or lie flat, without moving your head. Do these exercis ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Protect your eyes from the computer Our eyes are meant to be used at a distance, and spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer cannot be good for the eyes. In my case, it often leads to severe headaches. Here are ...
Aug 20 2007 11:25pm
Health Tip: Wear Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes Sunglasses can protect the eyes from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Frequent or prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer around the eyes, Prevent Bli ...
Mar 08 2007 12:11pm
Eye of the Tiger Ahhhhh the treadmill. I stepped back on to the treadmill last night for the first time in 2007. In my eyes the key to the treadmill is good music. Lets face it, running in place for 30 minutes is b ...
Jan 31 2007 9:21am
Walk to get rid of puffy eyes In the book “Hello Beautiful, 365 Ways to Be Even More Beautiful,” it says that under-eye puffiness is from fluid retention and the best way to get rid of it is to get up and walk around. I know tha ...
Jan 12 2008 11:42pm
eye surgery I have been looking for someone to see about getting my friend help with his eye problems.  my friend been to a couple of eye doctors but no help at all.  The problem is the right eye-symptoms are r ...
Jan 11 2010 4:49pm
... ith what info I do have) to help control the eye movement.  more
Feb 02 2010 6:17pm
Protect Your Eyes the Right Way For preventing eye injury during sports, wear goggles and other eye protection that are designed for the sport, not for street wear. That’s where many people go wrong: assuming street eyewear or swim ...
Sep 11 2007 3:42am
Catching Some Rays? Don't Forget About Your Eyes! Many of us are good about using sunscreen; I never forget because it's already in my moisturizer. But if you're going to be in the sun, including just walking or driving, always wear a good pair of s ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... ss you get the geek patrol lenses (ie. wrap around sunglasses) you're really not going to ... more
Jul 11 2007 9:15am
Opened my eyes I'll be honest in saying at first I thought Yoga was not a true exercise class, if you will. I had never actually participated in any type of Yoga class, so I decided to try it and see what all the h ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:30pm
I'm curious, Teresa, where does your sister-in-law live that she thinks it's "weird" to do ... more
Jan 13 2008 10:17pm