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healthy lunch I'm convinced that you can eat healthier and stay in better shape by packing your own lunch. Stock up on small reusable containers and keep it simple. I always try to include a vegetable and a f ...
Dec 21 2007 12:23pm
Great Sushi Take-Out Place If you're looking for a healthy take-out lunch near campus, try Homma's Brown Rice Sushi near California Ave. Homma's Brown Rice Sushi 2363 B Birch St, Palo Alto 650-327-6118 It's a tiny ...
Elaine C.
Oct 25 2007 11:42am
I can't even get to Elaine C.'s profile more
Nov 20 2007 4:17pm
Healthy Lunchbox Ideas If you’re sending a kid off to school, or sending yourself off to work, don’t forget to pack a lunch! Bringing lunch from home will save you money, and usually calories, as opposed to eating out all ...
Aug 28 2007 10:12am
... I always liked a fresh, crunchy pickle in my lunchbox. Apple sauce now comes in many varie ... more
Dec 09 2007 4:17pm
Eating healthy @ Stanford Given that this is a Stanford website it would be nice to see recommendations for eating healthy @ Stanford. For example, what are the healthy options for lunch at Tressider Union? And where can I fi ...
Nov 13 2007 9:11am
Five Reasons to Brown Bag It For Lunch Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits when everyone else is headed to the burrito shack. However, you are doing yourself a world of good when you pack your own lunch. Con ...
Sep 19 2007 11:31am
... ust so. I do try to get sashimi or something healthy when I do eat's a competitiv ... more
Oct 23 2007 2:10pm
Eating Healthier At Work Although I’m lucky enough to have a work environment surrounded by nutritious food, even though the odd box of chocolates make their way in, many of us don’t. Employers often have the standard coffee ...
Jan 24 2007 11:08am
School holiday ideas Do you ever get stumped for ideas when it comes to entertaining your kids during the school holidays? For holiday snacks, try choppe ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Fat free Baba Ganoush Recipe Fat Free Baba Ganoush Recipe I found this online, and tried it on July 4th. It was a hit at my BBQ! This baba ganoush (eggplant dip) recipe has no oil and no tahini, making it a fat free vegetarian ...
Jul 09 2007 8:31am
Eat Healthy by Changing Your Habits Being a healthy eater?whether this means simply feeling better or losing weight?is as simple as changing your habits slowly over time. Here are some ways to make sure you're getting the most out of me ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Even truckers can eat healthy if they want to! I just ate last night at a pretty famous truck stop in the Shenandoah Valley, White's. Their menu is standard Southern -- with specialties like chicken fried chicken and fried catfish. And yet, even ...
Sep 17 2007 10:57pm
Healthy lifestyle in trucking. The world has ... more
Sep 18 2007 3:01pm