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Improving Your Health Step by Step Researchers are not entirely in agreement about how many steps an individual needs to take in order to be in good health. In part, this depends on each person's individual fitness goals. To lose wei ...
Mar 11 2008 2:54pm
... e doll houses, either. :) I wonder how many steps in a typical mile? I know how far I wal ... more
Mar 12 2008 10:34am
Every Step You Take Curious to know how many steps you take in a day? Or if you'd like a little numerical reassurance your daily walks are really pushing you down the path of fitness? Consider investing in a pedometer. T ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Pick up the pace, not step! When you're walking to improve your cardiovascular health, it's important to move at an appropriate rate to ensure that your heart is working in its target heart rate range. Those who take walking se ...
Jun 21 2007 10:02am
10 Simple Steps to a Thinner You "In this age of Big Macs, TV dinners, and Slurpees, people on the go are increasingly packing on the pounds and seeking ways to battle the bulge. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to not only sh ...
Apr 14 2008 11:15am
Thanks! I love both sites veddy much! :) more
Apr 15 2008 12:59pm
Happiness in Small Steps Staring at the red LED numbers on the scale, she appeared as if she was willing them to change. If she glared enough, they might, just maybe, morph down to 172, 158, or better yet, 137. "This is to ...
Apr 23 2008 5:43pm
Thanks Mary Ann. I'm glad you enjoyed. more
Apr 24 2008 10:21am
10,000 steps to better health When it comes to health and fitness, the magic pill may not be a pill at all. It may be something much harder to swallow. Many U.S. health professionals are adopting the decades-old directive o ...
Feb 04 2008 10:43am
I have issues with my back and my doctor prescribes walking as the best thing to do for it ... more
Feb 19 2008 6:43am
Getting in 10,000 Steps a Day through Salsa No, I am not talking about chips and salsa (sorry eaters) but the dance. On average, those who have lost weight and kept it off report taking more than 10,000 steps per day, or 5 to 6 miles, according ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I agree, salsa dance is great that's why I enrolled at Danceblaze at Singapore.  ... more
Jan 19 2011 5:08am
Staying a Step Ahead of Aging YOU know what is supposed to happen when you grow old. You will slow down, you will grow weak, your steps will become short and mincing, and you will lose your sense of balance. That’s what aging r ...
Feb 01 2008 10:33am
I am healthier now than I was in my chronic fatigue syndrome was really bad then ... more
Feb 03 2008 11:03pm
one step at a time i am new to this and i really hope i am posting the appropriate topics or items on the post page. i am getting the hang of this computer thing thru trial n error, heck i have a myspace secretary!! wel ...
Jun 04 2008 6:54pm
I think having a workout buddy is great. It inspires you to get up off the couch when s ... more
Jun 05 2008 7:51am
step aerobics for hurting knees... Hello there, I am very keen on taking exercise classes at Stanford during HIP's spring program. I had a few questions... I seem to have recently developed pain in one knee but would like to take ...
Mar 19 2008 5:01pm