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Lose the Love Handles To get rid of the spare tire, you have to tone up the whole vehicle. That is, burn fat and tone muscle, with special emphasis on the middle. Love handles generally begin disappearing on men when they ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
This is great advice, especially the information about body fat. People often wonder why t ... more
Jun 29 2007 10:27am
Don't Give Up My Monday night yoga teacher had us do the Pigeon last class. Was I ever surprised to discover that with flowing movement (Vinyasa-breath synchronized movement), I found my hips just sinking down. N ...
Oct 19 2007 11:58am
... years. And I still can't put my heels on the floor...genetically tight hamstrings, what ca ... more
Oct 20 2007 10:59pm
Improve flexibility Get rid of your furniture! Well, not really, but I had a yoga teacher recently tell me that an easy way to improve flexibility is to stop using furniture so much. I tried it, and it's really true. W ...
Nov 15 2007 8:13am
I totally agree with you there. Also, taking the time to stretch out your legs and reach f ... more
Nov 26 2007 9:05pm
Dancing With the Stars TV Workout Dancing with the Stars two night premiere event begins Monday at 8/7 c and I am so excited. In our house, it’s a family evening where the little ones want to be picked up, twirled, spun and take the ...
Mar 17 2008 12:25pm
Sculpt Firm and Shapely Legs in 6 Moves Looking great in short shorts and flirty skirts can be your reality, because just a stability ball, weights and a step can give you great legs. In about twenty minutes you can be on your way to hav ...
Aug 11 2008 9:06am
You should include running. Running is one of the best more
Nov 30 2011 6:37am
Top 5 Exercises to do at Home From SA Change your thoughts Push ups This is my all time favourite exercise to do in the house and can be done almost anywhere. If done correctly it can strengthen stamina and build y ...
Jul 27 2007 4:05pm
Weightless Workout Part 1 Many people are duped into thinking they can only get a good workout by joining a gym, this is inaccurate. You can get a top notch workout in little time with no equipment. These are some of the exe ...
Apr 10 2008 11:05am
Hi guys I used to play Football at a very serious levelwhen I was at school ... more
Apr 07 2009 1:43pm
Clean the House! I am telling you, one of the best workouts I have discovered is cleaning the house. I know, I know, but I HATE cleaning with a capital H ... but I recently discovered that part of the reason I hated ...
Jul 30 2007 9:29pm
Yes, cleaning a house is a great workout. Good point and a positive point. I am sure the ... more
Aug 02 2007 8:33pm
Get that "300" Body!! The movie “300” contains the largest group of buff, ripped, in shape men on the planet. Amazingly this is not from graphic alterations or simple tricks, but instead from hard work in the gym. A work ...
Aug 07 2007 3:21pm
Wow, that's insane! haha.... amazing. more
Oct 24 2007 3:17pm
Squat Safely Courtesy of Shape magazine…If you like how squats tone your butt and legs, you're probably tempted to improve your results by using more resistance. Before you pick up a barbell, though, get out you ...
Aug 28 2007 10:13am
Squats are one of those things where form is critical. Thanks so much for posting this. ... more
Nov 24 2007 3:00pm