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Guided Meditation is Often Easier to Start With Are you intimidated at the thought of meditating? Have you tried to meditate, only to fidget and find yourself worrying about your day? A good way to start meditating is to use guided meditation. The ...
Jun 28 2007 10:49pm
... , You are definitely right that following guided meditations is a great way to start a ... more
Sep 09 2009 6:39am
Ever Battled Stress with Guided Meditations? I created My Meditation Garden, as a result of all of the stress that I felt while practicing law and owning my own law firm.  Meditation led me to realize law was not my calling and that I was actu ...
Sep 09 2009 7:29am
While yoga and meditation are proven by their use for centur ... more
Jun 08 2010 1:45pm
Have you Ever Tried Following a Guided Meditation? As editor of My Meditation Garden, I've been requested by many of our readers to post more information on guided meditations.  I have been meditating for about 9 months now and have seen and felt ...
Sep 09 2009 7:26am
May 30 2013 6:46pm
Loved the site, Thank you more
Jun 07 2013 3:51pm
A guided qigong meditation Here is a simple meditation from a medical qigong program that focuses on grounding your energy. It involves a simple 1-4 mnuemonic - One is Fun, Two is Shoe, Three is Tree, Four is Core. Obviously ...
Jul 24 2007 9:05pm
Mark, Thanks for the Qigong meditation. I will make sure to try it out th ... more
May 03 2009 7:21pm
Battle Depression through Meditation Yes, you read right. You can fight depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and much more with meditation. Psychologists are currently using meditation as an addition to their medication treatments for ...
Sep 09 2009 7:40am
Yes. Meditation has helped me too combatting anxie ... more
Jan 26 2013 10:43pm
Making Meditation Easy! Serenity - A musical guide to meditation As we all know, meditation is no secret. Still, finding a way to focus your mind each day and become devoted to the practice of meditation is often very diffi ...
Jan 27 2009 3:49am
Meditation technique is one that stressed-out adults dream about A health spa in Fort Worth, TX, offers a class that recharges participants through a relaxing power nap. The class mixes guided meditation with a kind of catnap. "It takes people out of the chitter-ch ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Meditation Podcasts I have searched extensively on iTunes for guided meditation podcasts, and wanted to recommend a couple of my very favorites! 1. Meditation Oasis, with Mary Maddux: this charming woman is a genuin ...
Mar 06 2008 3:21pm
Cindy, Thanks for the post. Great information! I will be subscribing to them tonight! ... more
May 03 2009 8:33pm
Meditation website I found this site online yesterday: It offers free downloads of yoga and meditation. I found them to be less yoga, and more kind of guided meditation, but there is a lar ...
Jul 25 2007 10:12am
... You can also check out The Big List of Free Guided Meditations. I created the list includ ... more
Sep 09 2009 6:44am