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Gray Hair and Health Does anyone know if there are certain health choices that affect whether or not people get gray hair at an earlier age? Or is purely genetic?
Aug 05 2007 5:29pm tip or not to tip? We've all been there. You walk into a new experience & haven't a clue what to do... If you're new to massage therapy or receiving spa treatments, here are some tips on what is "normal" Whether yo ...
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It's ironic, but tipping really stresses me out! I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I ... more
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Snack Attack or Binge It’s not uncommon for us to turn to ice cream or chocolate cake after a breakup or a serious trauma at work. On rare occasions. But what if it’s the entire cake, plus cookies, plus chips, plus…I fou ...
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Your post serves as a reminder to parents to not use food as a punishment, reward or pacif ... more
Aug 28 2007 6:57pm
Whether It is Nobler for a Vitamin to be Natural or Synthetic We all know the importance of taking our vitamins. But, which vitamins are best for us in the long haul of health and fitness? Learning to read vitamin labels helps you determine what kind of vitamin ...
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Your Waist Size Can Determine Whether or Not It's Time to Diet The dieting craze has swept the nation, but how can you determine whether or not it's really time to slim down some? Well, according to the National Institutes of Health, it's all about your waistl ...
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By Land or By Sea Whether you walk on dry land or in waist high water a recent study at the University of Utah found that you would lose the same amount of weight. People who walk in pools, will walk slower be cause ...
Sep 22 2007 3:34pm
Lemon or Lime -- Squeeze 'em Feeling a little low on energy and coffee ain't in the cards? Grab an organic lemon or lime, squeeze the juice into a glass of purified water and drink it down in one sitting. This is a great pick ...
Jul 21 2007 11:30am
That is great advice. I've always thought that I felt a little better after having a lemon ... more
Sep 03 2007 8:03am
Being aware of realistic portion sizes and visualizing portions or using the Portion-Control Tips Being aware of realistic portion sizes and visualizing portions or using the "divided plate" concept will help you avoid overeating. But sometimes these visual cues can be hard - ...
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Snack Baggies!. Major snack companies (e.g. Nabisco) have obviously caught on to our attem ... more
Jul 07 2007 8:33pm