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Zen Palate going national! Is anyone else familiar with this place? It's a fantastic restaurant in New York that's all veggie and it's franchising to become a national fast food, all veggie chain. It's going to be called Zen ...
Aug 27 2007 9:19pm
going to a party on a diet Here are some tips for keeping your diet going at a party: 1. Avoid going to a party with an empty stomach. If you do, your resistance will be that much lower. Munch on a handful of nuts or other prot ...
Jul 10 2007 4:22am
Going Kung Fu Hustle on Studies Particularly,this study. That's right. I don't sit here and take the nitrogenous bovine waste coming down the pike and put up with misleading information, especially when the ridiculousness is so b ...
Jun 26 2008 8:08am
Help i feel like im the only person going through this Hi all, I had a miscarraige on the 9th July 2010 and i thought i was coping pretty well even though i was utterly devestated! 2 weeks ago i got this feeling like something was stuck in my throat, ...
Aug 15 2010 9:53am
I've have anxiety for 13yrs. now, i've had read tons of books and watched lots of video' ... more
May 05 2011 2:32pm
Keeping the Body Going Here are some tips on keeping the body going while being very active. This is excellent advise not only for adults but children too. Especially, children who are in competitive sports. Keep a we ...
Aug 28 2007 7:13am
Find How You're Going to Stick With it Statistically speaking, over 50% of those who begin a workout routine end up stopping it within a year. When it comes to exercise, the main culprit -- along with simply not doing it, is not doing it ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Keeping it going. I have been trying to do this biking 8km for about a month now. I have missed many days, its hard to keep it going. I like biking but at the same time I don't want to go and do this. I wish the ...
Sep 03 2007 1:53pm
I'm going to PG tonight - January 2 I'm going rock climbing tonight. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts. It's been too long... All are welcome to join :)
Jan 02 2008 1:21pm
... I didn't make it last night, but we will be going tonight around 7:00 PM more
Jan 03 2008 9:47am
Going Through the Motions with Tai Chi Doubtless, you know all there is to know about yoga--but what about Tai Chi? This ancient martial art from China is an increasingly popular low-impact sport that's captured the hearts, minds, and bodi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
What's the best time of day to do it to help with sleep. I see that it has cardio benefit ... more
Nov 24 2007 3:03pm
Fast Food Chains Still Going For It There was an article up today in the NPR Kitchen regarding fast food. Even with all the warnings, advisories, etc. it seems that people are still eating fast food. They are not taking the health war ...
Aug 23 2007 10:43am