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Colonics I just wrote an article on how to get a colonic. I have never had one, but it appears quite beneficial for those who want to clean themselves out. The benefits are reportedly amazing -- cleaner ski ...
Nov 13 2007 10:12pm
ps. Thank you for shining the spotlight on Stephen Barrett. He is a suspect resource in ... more
Mar 19 2008 2:35pm
Detox Diets For those of you who love maple syrup…today is your lucky day! There’s a detox diet out there that apparently rids your system of toxins and makes you feel great. All you have to do is drink a water ...
Jan 24 2007 11:03am
I know, it's crazy. Yes, just avoid those "toxins" in the first place, although I'm not e ... more
Mar 07 2007 11:56am
The Need for Bodily Detoxification Everyday we breathe, eat, drink, and otherwise come into contact with toxins, free radicals, and other harmful compounds that both age us prematurely and lead to a plethura of disease. Since these to ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Amputation Diet     I found this on and though I don't recommend it I thought it was rather funny and definitely provides instant gratification. The literal approach? Amputate an arm or leg, o ...
Dec 05 2008 1:59pm
That's hilarious! more
Dec 07 2008 5:17pm
Website Review Giving FREE Dissertation Example! I am doing a dissertation on social work and needed to see some dissertation samples to get an idea of how to write a dissertation. After doing the research over the internet, I found there are quit ...
Mar 01 2009 1:50pm
Obese Women Have Higher Risk of Giving Birth to Babies with Certain Defects Women who are obese before becoming pregnant have a higher risk of giving birth to babies with congenital defects, such as missing limbs or underdeveloped spinal cords, according to researchers at t ...
Aug 08 2007 4:22pm
First Giving Are you inspired to do something right away to raise funds for charity, especially as the New Year approaches? You don't have to wait to sign up for a could walk or bike yourself ...
Dec 29 2007 1:01pm
"Use what nature gives you" When walking briskly for your cardio workout, you can challenge yourself by stopping every five minutes and using something in your environment for an extra cardio boost. For example, do front or side ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I have been to several walking trails in Maryland that have bars or posts to add a little ... more
Dec 15 2007 10:04pm
Giving During the Holidays I have been cleaning around the house lately, and there is a thought that I would like to share with all of you. I noticed that there are a lot of things that are in a good condition, but are j ...
Oct 18 2007 5:16am
I was just actually thinking the same thing today, myself. I have so much junk in my apart ... more
Oct 18 2007 3:37pm
Lesson 1 ~ Giving The moment you Give is the moment you realize how much you already Have.
Dec 20 2007 10:07am