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Get that "300" Body!! The movie “300” contains the largest group of buff, ripped, in shape men on the planet. Amazingly this is not from graphic alterations or simple tricks, but instead from hard work in the gym. A work ...
Aug 07 2007 3:21pm
Wow, that's insane! haha.... amazing. more
Oct 24 2007 3:17pm
Spinning - Not for Curvy Girls So for awhile I was doing a lot of spin classes, because I figured it would be a quick and efficient way to get my aerobic workout in. THEN, my thighs started to get bigger, even though when I took s ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
How frustrating that must have been! I remember when I was lifting weights to try and burn ... more
Aug 29 2007 9:40pm
Female Body Shape in the 20th Century How has body shape changed during the last century? What were the popular and glamorized body shapes of the day? ....Continued on ...
Apr 17 2007 10:46am
Start Boxing i'm going to start boxing classes with a couple of my friends... good idea to loose weight and gain strength?
Jun 01 2007 3:54pm
I used to go to a boxing class and it was a blast. It was a re ... more
Sep 19 2007 11:44am
Younger couples embrace boxing Co-ed boxing has been slow gaining ground, but gyms and health clubs in California, New York, Minnesota, and Texas are reporting a modest growth of women in the ring, according to The New York Times ...
Aug 25 2007 6:16am
Rowers: Get in shape before you hit the water The weather is right for rowing, but before you start, it's a good idea to get in shape. Ken Szekretar Jr., a master trainer at New York Sports Club, has devised several land-based workouts to help an ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Get in Shape and Prevent Heart Disease at the Same Time Heart disease may very well be America's number one health problem, but in the American consciousness, it's taken a backseat to cancer--at least in the minds of many American women, who are actually a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Be in Shape Before You Hike Just like an exercise program you need to train for a long hike. If you don't train, the hike will be harder than you imagine. Hiking is more than just taking a walk. It's a physical activity that r ...
Sep 25 2007 9:06pm
the beach is great more
Jun 26 2008 12:54am
This is how I stay in shape Now, first off, I have always had a higher than normal metabolism, so it is easier for me to keep weight off than many other people. However, now that I am older, my metabolism has slowed down. If I ...
Nov 10 2007 11:57pm
I am 52 and a little out of shape, is this class appropriate for a beginner in pilates?. I am phyically acitve and am interested in getting into shape for riding this spring. I have horses and trial ride for pleassure. I know building core strength is imporant but not sure if I can hand ...
Jan 07 2008 10:19am