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Just Rewards JUST REWARDS? Imagine your daughter arrives home from a rough day at school. You give her a hug and ask “Did you have a bad day honey?” and say, “How about a cigarette to make you feel better? ...
Nov 23 2007 3:18pm
... ther positives (rewarding with a hug or fave game), as you've suggested, can only result i ... more
Dec 03 2007 10:56am
EA Sports Active Has anyone tried this and is it any good? Just looked it up on the net and it quite amazing- there's a special section for weight loss success stories which makes me want to buy it but I'd like the op ...
Feb 09 2011 10:23pm
... en my husband and I were doing regularly, we loved it. If you have any health issues, l ... more
Mar 26 2011 12:08am
5 Relaxing Activities Stressed Out? Why not try one of these 5 relaxing activities to ease your mind.   1. Croquet: An excellent stress buster is being outside during a leisurely game of croquet with friends. The g ...
Jan 06 2009 3:02pm
Great ways suggested relaxing & unwinding when we're exhausted. Sometime deep breathing, ... more
Feb 05 2014 8:58am
What's your favorite Wii Fit Activity With all the exercises and games on the Wii fit, what's your favorite one?
Feb 04 2009 7:13am
Anyone doing well on the advanced step? more
May 20 2009 3:42pm
Active BBQ As Labor Day weekend approaches, BBQs abound. One idea...make activity, not food, the focus of your BBQ. Set up badmitton, horseshoes, even regress to childhood and get goofy with hula hoops and hop ...
Aug 25 2007 1:55pm
... It'll catch on, quick. It's just getting the games started that can be tricky. more
Aug 28 2007 6:08pm
Physically Active Adults Slow Biological Aging LONDON, Jan. 29 -- If longer leukocyte telomeres are a true measure of biological youth, adults who are physically active in their leisure time may be fighting back against the passage of time. S ...
Feb 04 2008 10:45am
Practice active meditation and enjoy your life Osho, who was renowned spiritual leader of India introduced new techniques of meditation and named them as active meditation techniques. The name itself tells the entire story. The principle behind ac ...
Feb 13 2009 3:33am
Hi Rajneesh, The information you have posted on osho meditation is useful. Many pe ... more
Feb 25 2009 9:03pm
Choosing the right activity Sticking to a routinre is never easy, but if you choose the right exercsise, you are half way there. Doing what you like to do will help you stick to it. Hjere are some questions you should ask yo ...
Jun 25 2007 12:05am
Make your holidays active! For halloween each year, rather than sitting around and eating candy, we go hiking at Mt. Tam, followed by pumpkin carving in the woods at Pantoll Campground. It is still festive, but much more activ ...
Oct 31 2007 11:24am
... fall is to go to the local corn maze with my loved ones. I love getting kettle corn and ho ... more
Oct 17 2012 8:01am
committed to increasing activity I have committed to increasing my activity by working out for 1/2 - 1 hr each morning before 7 a.m. (gotta get it done early!). Going for fast walks, doing yoga 2-3 x per week, weight work-outs a ...
Nov 06 2007 9:26pm