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The very best QUALITY and priced SOAP NUTS Please check out these new soap nuts from INDIA.  Watch out for the leading brand.  She has older, drier nuts.  Get this limited supply now ...
May 25 2010 2:59pm
Inexpensive Facial Soap I've found that St. Ives Apricot Scrub is very effective in exfoliating and keeping my skin soft and glowing. It definitley clears my skin of unwanted blemsihes and blackheads. Clean and Clear Deep Ac ...
Dec 03 2008 12:53pm
Slipping during postures Does anyone else have the problem of sliding on the mat when your hands or feet get sweaty? I find I spend my downward facing dog just trying to not slip. Is it my mat? Is it me? Any ideas of how to ...
Jan 07 2008 1:29pm
... for your mat. I perfer Dr. Bronner's liquid soap as it will take the chrome off a bumper ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:26pm
Green Beauty Buys Under $17 At Target Out of the big box retailers Target seems to be putting forth the most effort. From their inticing commercials , to their affordable Rogan Gregory eco-fashion , to the (few) recent "natural" beauty ...
Aug 23 2008 3:11pm
MRSA Facts Can anyone answer these questions or point me to a link?   Can MRStaph.a survive - normal refrigeration?      Freezing?                                  Boiling @ sea level for (???) min ...
Mar 31 2009 10:37am
     Silver Sol and the Successful Treatment of Hospital Acquired MRSA in Human Su ... more
Mar 08 2010 8:09am
Cold weather is to me what an oven must be to a paddle pop... I tend to prefer to emphasise the things that help, but after a pretty rough day, perhaps it’s as well to share things that make CFS worse: ...
Nov 12 2009 3:05am
Thanx for sharing more
Apr 05 2010 7:08pm
Clean the House! I am telling you, one of the best workouts I have discovered is cleaning the house. I know, I know, but I HATE cleaning with a capital H ... but I recently discovered that part of the reason I hated ...
Jul 30 2007 9:29pm
Yes, cleaning a house is a great workout. Good point and a positive point. I am sure the ... more
Aug 02 2007 8:33pm
Add Strength Training to Your Workout! Our Great, Great Grandmothers Strength Trained. Your great-great grandmother strength trained daily. Her household responsibilities included carrying wood into the home to keep the fires warm, gathering water from the spring or well in buckets, m ...
Feb 05 2008 10:14am
PUPPPS Hi, I am 24wks pregnant (first pregnancy) and was diagnosed with PUPPPS last week. The itching and burning is so intense and is everywhere but my face. I am on methylprednisolone but it is not working ...
Feb 22 2009 5:23am
... n?  Have you tried that.  Grandpa's Pine Tar soap I hear works really well.  Also A & D Oi ... more
Jul 24 2009 3:11pm
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Jan 30 2013 3:14pm