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Valentine Fun Hunt for the Kids Do you give your children special presents for Valentine's Day? Why not turn the gift giving into an active event for the mind and body? I had the idea today to make a treasure hunt for Valentine's da ...
Feb 13 2008 11:30am
Kids' Meals aren't always so great for kids I found this interesting article on about Kids' Meals at fast food and even sit-down restaurants across the US. I never really thought that labeling a meal a "Kids' Meal" would be any more h ...
Aug 04 2008 3:06pm
Cooking with kids Teaching 11-14 year olds how to cook healthy recipes in school should have a positive impact on their eating habits in later life Acti ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Online Fitness and Health Education Community available for kids and teens nationwide! Hello Health Education peers! I want to let you know about, a children's fitness and health education website - offering fun and engaging fitness videos, as well as nutrition, motivat ...
Feb 25 2009 8:44am
Yoga For Kids-Tried it out! Yesterday, we decided to see if our son likes yoga. We all got down on the floor and did a yoga for kids video together. Not only did he have fun interacting with us but pretending to be a for allig ...
Dec 27 2007 8:23am
... her training; should be very interesting and fun. Kids are so much more naturally flexible ... more
Dec 28 2007 9:59pm
Kids play. Running around with my kids outside, is a major workout! Not to mention fun. Fun while working out, who knew. :)
Jul 10 2009 9:13am
Breakfast Ideas for Kids We are all busy, but that's no excuse to skimp on breakfast. It's easy to get in a rut, but mixing things up a little is fun for the kids and will help to create habits that will serve them for life. ...
Jun 15 2007 1:48pm
Everybody needs a good breakfast in the morning to get them through the day. When my teen ... more
Dec 29 2007 1:49pm
Kids and Gardening We all know gardening is good exercise and the "fruits" of your gardening labours are good for you, so why not get the kids involved? Perhaps if someone had gotten me interested in gardening, I woul ...
Feb 06 2008 9:18am
My daughter loves to grow bean spouts. It's fun, easy and best of all we can grow it indo ... more
Dec 02 2008 1:35pm
Workout Like a Kid Tired of grown up workouts? Why not work out like a kid? Get some friends together and team up. Jump rope, play badminton, hopscotch or dodgeball. Skip, jump on a pogo stick, play tug of war or do ...
Jul 17 2007 1:11pm
Teaching and Motivating Kids to Exercise for Life Motivating Kids to Exercise……FOR LIFE!!! Given a choice, do you think your child would rather ride a bike or sit in front of the television? Would he or she prefer to shoot some hoops in the driveway ...
Mar 21 2007 12:44pm