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Food Combining - General Discussions

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Eating protein with carbs I just heard a famous singer never eats protein with her carbs. Why would someone make sure not to do this?
Jun 26 2008 4:25pm
... erience corresponds to the recommedations of food combining experts who say that our bodie ... more
Jun 26 2008 6:01pm
More Reasons Why Raw & Whole Grain Foods Are Healthier For You. Raw Food  & Whole Foods are the fundamental foundations of basic human nutrition.   Think about it, since the beginning of time and especially since the beginning of recorded human history these w ...
TC Patient Expert
Jun 04 2009 8:22pm
Getting the best out of your food I found this interesting article online that talks about not just eating healthy foods, but eating them in the right combinations and preparing them the right way to get all of the nutrients they have ...
Nov 04 2007 1:38pm
Lentil Soup - Healthy, Inexpensive Comfort Food I lifted this recipe from While it's a great recipe as is, I would improve on it by tossing everything into a crock pot and letting it sit on low all day. To make it more festive, ...
Dec 11 2007 8:57am
Eating on the Run Runners on the go with limited time and money need a food plan that combines solid nutrition, convenience, and relatively low cost. We need our carbs, moderate protein and fat, preferably consumed w ...
Aug 28 2007 10:19am
... of the magical qualities of so many of these foods. Oil of cinnamon repels mosquitoes? T ... more
Aug 28 2007 7:06pm
Falafel and Salad...Delicious! Last night I made my family falafel and salad. They are fairly healthy eaters compared to the general population, but could definitely use to increase their intake of alkalizing foods. For the fal ...
Feb 05 2008 10:53am
I love falafels! Would you mind sharing the recipe? more
Feb 06 2008 9:53am
Two Percent Milk is NOT Low Fat Recently the fact that Starbucks switched from whole milk to 2 percent milk in its espresso drinks made news. And many of us reach for the 2 percent when we’re trying to lower the fat content in our ...
Sep 03 2007 5:34pm
Whole milk (1 cup): 150 calories, 70 calories from fat (about 47 percent of the calori ... more
Jul 19 2008 9:44pm
10 Nutrition Tips Make your own healthy guacamole by combining an avocado with cut up tomatoes, onions and chilies to taste. Eat it with baked tortilla chips or cut up oven-baked pieces of pita bread. Remember that ...
Aug 13 2007 8:49am
... hy...anyone can use these tips to make their food more delicious and nutritious! more
Nov 27 2007 6:41am
Tired of healthy things   There is always a time when I got bored with the effort to stay healthy. Do meditation, yoga, swimming and eat vegetarian raw food every each day. Eventhough I know that I don't have any other ...
May 12 2009 10:17pm
Tetty, I have always held the belief that there is more than one right way to do things. ... more
Apr 11 2011 2:04pm
A salad a day may keep the doctor away Not only will an apple a day keep the doctor away, but also a salad. Enjoy a salad for lunch or start your dinner with salad (this will also help you decrease your intake of other foods). What is yo ...
Aug 15 2007 6:11pm
All of them mixed up. Even onion. :-) more
Feb 05 2008 4:40am