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Making Herbal Healing Bundles Please note: I have discovered that I must be very careful in presenting information on the spiritual aspects of herbal medicine, for several reasons. First, many assume I am talking about alterati ...
Mar 19 2008 5:27pm
Australian Bush Remedies Australian Bush remedies are flower essences from Australia. They have loads of essences that are specifically designed for Having babies.
Oct 08 2007 11:22am
The Bach Flower Remedies The Bach Flower Remedies is a simple, safe and natural form of healing and has become increasingly popular and the "Rescue Remedy" is touted to provide natural relief from stress and tension.   ...
Oct 01 2009 7:42am
Very Informative Article..nice..Keep it up!!!!!! more
Oct 06 2010 4:18am
"hydrangea flower arrangements"   Hydrangea is a genus of about 70 to 75 species of flowering plants ative to southern and eastern asia, north & south America. There are two flower arrangements in hydrangeas. Mophead flowers ar ...
Dec 21 2010 5:32pm
Be Careful While Watering Those Flowers. I came across this hilarious list of ways people (actually British) got injured while gardening. I do not remember the name of the site, but the list was by a person called Julie. Here are th ...
Oct 19 2007 6:18am
My Favourite Plant/Flower My favourite plant/flower is the Hydrangea. I have a large one in the back yard and another in the front garden. The one in the front is supposed to be blue but I don't think the soil is acidic enou ...
Feb 19 2008 8:18am
... nd roses are alway so beauitufl. My favorite flower is the orchid particularly the moth or ... more
Dec 05 2008 1:12pm
Flowers can be good for your health According to Susan Hall at, there are many reasons to love flowers. Some of the benefits include: You’ll feel more up. You’ll stress less. You’ll get creative. To read the fu ...
Mar 26 2008 5:24pm
That is great news. Iv'e been wanting to add some color and freshness to my home! more
Apr 14 2010 3:54pm
Natural remedies a hoax??? My son is 7 and was diagnosed with moderate ADHD when he was in kindergarten.  It took me a year of trying Omega 3's and dramatic diet changes which did not help at all.  The best remedy was to give ...
Jul 13 2010 9:17am
Hello. No, natural remedies aren't a hoax but it can take a while to find the right comb ... more
Jan 30 2013 10:53pm
California Essences I regularly use the Bach remedies and the Australian bush remedies for stress. I hear there are some California remedies. Does anyone know anything about them?
Oct 23 2007 2:44am
Flower Essences. Flower essences (which can a ... more
Oct 24 2007 2:59pm
blossom at any age through yoga I was never really sure what I wanted to accomplish out of my life with the exception of being a wife and a mother as well as a loyal friend surrounded by good people. Through my yoga practice the l ...
Oct 03 2008 10:47am
Hi JayPee, thanks for the link It was useful do keep posting such links so our member ... more
Oct 14 2008 6:50am