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Fitpod Fitness Music Check out free workout mixes at They release new mixes every Friday. What is cool is that it has different beats per minute so for anyone who's an avid ipod user when they workout, it ...
Mar 19 2007 3:38pm
That's a great site. more
Nov 27 2007 9:55am
Venture Capital Veteran Launches Motivational Music Label 'SkinnySongs' From Reuters... Heidi Roizen Develops Fun, Empowering, Radio-Quality Pop Music for Women Who Want to Lose Weight and Get in Shape WOODSIDE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--What do great music and los ...
Dec 31 2007 12:28pm
... she and I wouldn't be on the same page as to music preferences. more
Jan 15 2008 8:03am
New Health And Fitness Directory Designed For Women Are you a woman who cares about the subjects of health and fitness? If so, then you may want to check out the Womens Health and Fitness Podcast Directory. It's brand spankin' new and on the cutting ed ...
Mar 16 2007 12:05pm
High-Tech Fitness For those who can’t seem to part with their Blackberries for ten minutes, much less the time it takes to complete a proper workout, should take note of a few new programs and services for our cell p ...
Sep 10 2007 12:52pm
Bring Sexy Back! Come check out my Hip Hop class - get fit, feel great and put the FUNK back Have you ever see a Hip Hop performance and thought how much fun it would be to give it a try? Have you even happened upon a hip hop station on the radio and caught your hand tapping on the steering ...
Jan 28 2007 1:19pm
Dave, that would be great! Anytime! Just shoot me a note in advance so I can put you on ... more
Jan 29 2007 3:15pm
Running Tips Running is a good exercise because you can get fresh air, and stay healthy. 1. It's a good muscular exercise for working-out different muscles. For example, the thigh muscles in the front and the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Running has been proven to be the form of exercise that is most taxing on your joints, how ... more
Jul 24 2007 4:34pm
Swimming Pool Not Just For Water Aerobics Way back, the only exercise done in a swimming pool was swimming. Then water aerobics came along and we thought that was it. Old ladies in funny hats. But all that's changed. Now exercise classe ...
Oct 08 2007 9:15am
It's true that many of the folks doing water aerobics don't seem to be in good shape but, ... more
Dec 06 2007 4:21pm
PumpOne: Personal Trainer in the Palm of your Hand iPod Personal Trainer Wouldn’t you love to have a personal trainer help whip you into shape? But who can afford one?. They typically cost over a $1,000 per month and can be hard to fit into your ...
Jun 16 2008 10:54am
When modern life pumps up the volume, give your ears some TLC Whoever's rocking your iPod today, do yourself a favor and turn it down. Those tiny earbuds pump music directly into the ear canal, making it easier to do permanent damage. Live music or sports, power ...
Apr 11 2007 5:44pm
Getting Used to Silence In a previous entry I wrote here, a lot of people commented that they needed music in order to meditate. Well, I'm not against having quiet music during meditation. However, if you literally can't s ...
Oct 31 2007 11:43pm
... ant to try things like guided meditations or music in the background, whereas someone with ... more
Nov 13 2007 5:16pm