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Taylor Phinney Family and Parkinson's See how this family of Olympians has dealt with adversity in the form of Parkinson's Disease.
Aug 16 2008 5:55pm
Children's Illness Increases with Family-Related Stress You might think stress is a major factor only in the lives of adults, but a new study from the University of Rochester, NY, asserts that stress and illness go hand in hand among young children. Accord ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Commit to organic eating when the family comes to town! Summer is coming to a close and stores everywhere are already showing signs of the holidays. As you plan your family get togethers and trips for the fall and winter months, consider opting for organ ...
Sep 05 2007 11:10am
Also, I would make some of the family's favorite recipes with organic ingredients. Then, t ... more
Mar 25 2008 6:40pm
FITNESS for the whole family Family workouts don’t have to be what’s traditionally considered “ exercise” — raking leaves, playing tag or dancing counts. Other families opt to skate, ski, bike, swim, hike or golf. SEATTLE — Work ...
Mar 08 2007 12:30pm
Eat Together as a family Research throughout the years has shown that eating together as a family leads to better nutrition. This includes greater intake of health foods, reduced consumption of junk foods, and weight loss. ...
Sep 29 2007 5:20am
A great website on raising the family vegetarian I was raised vegetarian but I didn't have the greatest experience in terms of making sure I had a balanced diet (I had lots of problems like anemia and general low energy, etc.) so I was happy to fi ...
Aug 18 2008 11:57am
Jo Stepaniak is one of the great vegetarian/vegan authors. Here is a link to information a ... more
Jul 16 2009 10:17am, what runs in yours? This site has a tool that helps track diabetes that runs in the family: This is a good way to help people become more aware of their family risk for diabetes.
Mar 04 2009 11:22pm
family & friend's dinners Hello, Im new to Wellsphere but I've been doing yoga for many months and this has made me more self aware of my body's needs and my health. Im not sure I want to become vegetarian but Im enjoying ...
Sep 09 2011 7:38pm
When you are with friends and family, usually things are centered around food. One thing I ... more
Dec 09 2011 7:16pm
Top Five Ways to Increase Family Fitness What's the point of being fit if your family is sitting on the couch eating Cheetos? Try these tips to get your favorite people up and moving! 1. Take a Walk. Don't make a big deal out of it, an ...
Sep 18 2007 4:15am
I really believe in the idea of taking walks as a family. Go to the nature and walk aroun ... more
Nov 12 2007 3:33am
Healthy Hearts and Long Lives May Be Fruit of Family Tree The family genes seem to play a significant role in cardiovascular longevity. Action Points * Explain to interested patients that the basis of this study was an observational study of white middl ...
Mar 13 2007 12:13pm