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The Ethics of Food and the Environment Ethicists, scientists and filmmakers will join forces during the winter and spring quarters to discuss "The Ethics of Food and the Environment" through a series of films and lectures hosted by the P ...
Jan 16 2008 9:15am
Negative-calorie gifting It's a silly name for what I think is a pretty cool idea. It comes from the time when I complained to a friend that I was still hungry after eating an apple, which I had done to satisfy that hunger. ...
Feb 13 2008 7:20pm
Gifts When my daughter needed to know what to get me for Christmas so she could avoid the shopping rush - I replied "it cannot be found in any nearby store or on the internet, it is difficult to get at ti ...
Dec 09 2007 7:38pm
You're right. Priceless moments and time spent together are the best! more
Jan 16 2008 3:14pm
Ways to Avoid Holiday Madness and Stress 1) If you can, avoid shopping malls and the consumer craze altogether--they are enough to drive anyone crazy! Instead, shop online at all-purpose places like Best Buy or Better yet, get ...
Dec 05 2007 1:31pm
Even before the recent mall tragedy in Omaha I have avoided malls. I feel they are really ... more
Dec 08 2007 7:42pm
A Healthy Christmas If your spouse is prone to purchasing household appliances as Christmas gifts they may need a little nudge in the right direction. Here are some ideas if you haven't sent your letter to Santa yet. ...
Nov 24 2007 3:34pm
Cooking With Good Fat Next time the recipe calls for oil opt for a healthier option whether baking, sautéing, marinating or frying. Macadamia Nut oil is a good fat and a terrific replacement for any oil that a recipe may ...
Jul 07 2008 7:14pm
Top Five Ways to Develop a Heart of a Champion! As I look at sports clubs, at all levels, that are consistent winners, or examine highly successful organizations and individuals, I see five traits that are the hallmarks of a champion. Chara ...
Jul 31 2007 4:11pm
This is a truly great post. These are so true. We are really all competing for different p ... more
Dec 30 2007 7:43pm
The numbers (size) game I have a mom who’s like a character in a sit-com…very Suzanne Pleschette in a fur coat. Mom keeps saying I should be a size 6, that I have thrown away “my birthday gifts” of looks by not being so. T ...
Aug 20 2007 7:11pm
My dad, a skinny marathoner-type, used to comment when he saw women in clothes that were t ... more
Aug 25 2007 6:17pm
Massage for Newbies Maybe your back is aching from too many long hours at the desk...? Have headaches & knots brought on by stress...? Or maybe someone who loves you gifted you with a massage certificate at your local ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
This makes me want to book an appointment! It can be very strange when you are stripping ... more
Jan 05 2008 2:48am
Grow Old With It Have you ever noticed that a lot of older people tend to play golf? The reason for this, I'd imagine, is that it is a rather time consuming sport. If you are playing one of the larger courses, you c ...
Aug 23 2007 12:25pm
Let go of my ego! more
Jan 28 2009 8:43am