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I've Made a Goal to Literally "Spice Up My Life" (and diet) Basically my goal is too appreciate the fact that "healthy food" can be delicious food, and not be so humdrum in the kitchen. I want to "spice" up my diet with a wider variety of exotic fruits, vegeta ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Happy to provide ski tips (figuratively, not literally)! =) I have been downhill skiing since I was really young and would be more than happy to provide basic ski tips/advice/info to anyone who wants to learn and is a bit nervous about it, etc.
Jan 31 2007 3:09pm
Moving - as a Liberating Experience I just spoke with a friend of mine who recently left a house and city she had been in for over 45 years! Last year when we spoke of her moving she was not sure she could leave the house where she h ...
Sep 02 2008 10:35am
Exercising harder keeps weight off longer People who consistently engage in high levels of exercise over the long haul are the most successful at losing weight and keeping it off, a new study shows. Among a group of overweight men and women ...
May 02 2007 11:15am
Eating Organic Really Is Good for You Forget the naysayers who insist that eating organic isn't different from eating non-organic. According to a four-year EU Study detailing the benefits of organic food, some of them--fruit, veggies, a ...
Oct 30 2007 12:05pm
also eating organic helps you avoid geneticaly modified foods. Something that should be im ... more
Jun 08 2009 5:39am
Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association: Corporate Globalization I just read an excellent article in Common Dreams by Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association. Ronnie Cummins writes from Mexico, which has been economically devastate ...
Mar 13 2008 4:48pm
Generics! Generics are generally developed after the patent protection on the drug is over. So, when a pharmaceutical company invents a drug, it is allowed to produce it for a few years. Other manufacturers a ...
Apr 30 2010 4:05am
Not necessarily.. If these medicines are procured from internationally acclaimed manufactu ... more
May 02 2010 10:00pm
BP Announces Sale of Non-Operated Interest in Sean to SSE PLC Release date: 17 December 2012 BP announced today that, as part of its decision to market its stakes in non-operated No ...
Dec 20 2012 1:34am
This is a very well-timed post,i think everyone should read this and broadcast too.keep it ... more
Dec 20 2012 1:36am
Learning to play Just learning how to play. Would love to find people to hit with in Golden Gate park and if anyone has tips for beginners, send them my way. I literally picked up a racket for the first time in Apri ...
Jun 01 2007 7:53pm
At, you can find tennis facilities in your area offer inexpensive ... more
Jul 18 2007 5:42am
Foam roller is your friend For anyone who's ever had IT band issues, you know what I'm talking about. The IT band connects your knee to your hip, and a lot of people have issues with it when they first start running. A great ...
Jun 02 2007 1:04am
Not only can the foam roller help with IT band issues, but is is also great for releasing ... more
Aug 02 2007 7:54pm