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Reiki Energy Healing Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing brought to us by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the late 1800s. It is gentle and very easy to use once you learn it. You receive the "power" to do Reik ...
Feb 03 2008 11:37pm
good for human health more
Oct 29 2009 4:01am
Welcome to Alternative Health If you are looking beyond the mainstream then this is the place. (Although...alternative is the new mainstream, actually.) Topics and ideas to cover include: Natural health Alternative me ...
Oct 26 2007 10:26pm
Making Herbal Healing Bundles Please note: I have discovered that I must be very careful in presenting information on the spiritual aspects of herbal medicine, for several reasons. First, many assume I am talking about alterati ...
Mar 19 2008 5:27pm
Reiki 101 What the heck is Reiki? Good question! Like Yoga, there seems to be a lot of variation on the definition and practices of Reiki. It can be a spiritual practice, or simple a therapy said to aid in h ...
Sep 14 2007 6:32am
to know the benefits of energy work requires experiencing the shift o ... more
Aug 13 2009 12:01am
Top 5 Ways to Renew Your Energy Here are my basic strategies for renewing energy at the physical level. Some of them are so familiar they’ve become background noise, easy to ignore. That’s why I’m repeating them. If any of these str ...
Jul 26 2007 12:33pm
This list of energy boosters is common-sensical, but often ... more
Nov 13 2007 4:15pm
The best energy drink The best energy drink you can have is a fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Buy a juicer and start juicing away. I am telling you, you will feel a difference when pure juice makes its way to your blood ...
Sep 10 2007 4:42am
Instant Energy! Of all the things we'd like more of time, sleep, another finger-scoop of cake icing energy is at the top of most of our lists. For almost all of us, energy levels swirl down the day's drain as more ho ...
Mar 12 2007 10:41am
Afternoon Energy Boost Can't say awake at work? Me neither! Many days I start nodding off when 3:00 rolls around. Maybe it’s because I’m an early riser, a light sleeper, or run first thing in the morning. Dr. Weil, MD, re ...
Oct 23 2007 4:12pm
I drink one of my healthy energy drinks. It has 2 ounces of the 9 essen ... more
May 07 2008 12:33pm
Green Energy | Crown Capital Eco Management | Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia Green Energy With emerging renewable energy alternatives today, it is highly important that they be given enough attention even early on their develo ...
Oct 10 2012 5:55am
Renewable energy would save EU trillions by 2050     The Commission by environmental campaigners forecast 3 trillion euros would generate by 2050 on their green ...
Oct 29 2012 3:48am