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Portion Size is Important! Changing your lifestyle can be very confusing at first. This handy portion guide can help anyone with food confusion: Grains and Starches Portion Size: an amount up to the size of your fist ...
Aug 16 2007 9:17am
The numbers (size) game I have a mom who’s like a character in a sit-com…very Suzanne Pleschette in a fur coat. Mom keeps saying I should be a size 6, that I have thrown away “my birthday gifts” of looks by not being so. T ...
Aug 20 2007 7:11pm
... To this day I find it hard to buy clothes a size larger than I "should" wear-- even thoug ... more
Aug 25 2007 6:17pm
Celebrity Size Obsession Over the last year there has been an increasing number of websites and magazines that focus exclusively on celebrity weight and size. I've always been interested in this kind of thing since many femal ...
Mar 12 2007 10:32am
Old Navy: Plus-size Clothing Taken Off Shelves Old Navy is a clothing brand own by Gap Inc. Up until very recently, Old Navy offered the "Women's Plus" line of clothing in 175 stores. Old Navy have now decided to remove the clothes from the shelv ...
May 08 2007 11:04am
Teens gorge on fast food even when not super-sized On one day, they ate the meal in the standard fashion - all at once. On another day, all of the food was served together, but in four smaller packages; the point was to see if a different "visual cue" ...
May 10 2007 11:42am
Frame Size Calculator Frame Size Calculator The calculator provides  two methods for calculating the body frame size, The standard method ...
Sep 03 2009 2:24pm
Being aware of realistic portion sizes and visualizing portions or using the Portion-Control Tips Being aware of realistic portion sizes and visualizing portions or using the "divided plate" concept will help you avoid overeating. But sometimes these visual cues can be hard - ...
Jun 27 2007 10:07am
... ents per se, it is the fact that the portion size is controlled. Somehow you are much mor ... more
Jul 07 2007 8:33pm
Size of drink, alcohol content critical to impact on health If you are counting calories, it is important to know how much alcohol you are getting in a drink. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines an alcoholic drink as 12 ounces of "regular" b ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Haha to the larger person comment. Of course that means you can drink more! Aren't you luc ... more
Sep 03 2007 8:01am
Not Everyone Is Meant to be a Size 0-6 The verdict is out and science has finally proved that some people are genetically predisposed to weigh more. The new study shows that people with two copies of a particular gene variant have a 70% hi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... difficult for all women to fit into the same size jeans. That is a good point by Terera J ... more
Nov 24 2007 2:06am
Your Waist Size Can Determine Whether or Not It's Time to Diet The dieting craze has swept the nation, but how can you determine whether or not it's really time to slim down some? Well, according to the National Institutes of Health, it's all about your waistl ...
Sep 17 2007 2:37pm